Sunday, 31 May 2009

McBride didn't work alone

I've noticed the Mail on Sunday's frontpage, desperately trying to add Cameron to the troughers hall of shame.

The gist of it is :-

Cameron's main residence is in London and has always been his main home since well before he came to parliament.

He claims the ACA for his constituency home in Chipping Norton (As this is what the 2nd homes allowance was created for, no wrongdoing here)

Just because Cameron and his wife are well off doesn't mean they should be expected to fork out for the constituency home. Cameron in fact did place £300,000 of his own money in capital against the property and a further £100,000 which reduced the cost of the interest payments. The main crux of the story seems to be Cameron is a millionaire, he shouldn't claim for this, yah yah, old etonian toff, etc.

This has the whiff of number 10 all over it. It must be hurting them so badly that he's come out of the expenses affair squeaky clean with his reputation enhanced, unlike Brown who has serious questions to answer even if the mainstream media seem content to gloss over his own playing of the system.

Paul Dacre's tongue must be lodged so far up Gordo's back passage I'm surprised there's any room left for Ed Balls.

PS. 3 posts in a day, I must be going barmy.

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