Sunday, 30 September 2012

Labour Mp with £550k hiiden in secret bank accounts

well this article in the Telegraph will not be good news dor Keith Vaz MP, the chairman of the Home office select commitee. He had the whiff of Sleaze about him back in the Blair era and it looks like it's come back to bite him again. And it does look like that investigation over a decade ago was quietly undermined. Not the story Labour would have wanted at the start of their conference....diddums!

The Fat Burning Blogger: Exercise - let's make it more effective

The Fat Burning Blogger: Exercise - let's make it more effective: The old mantra for weightloss used to be 'Eat less, move around more!' It's a phrase anyone who has contemplated losing weight has probably...

BBC iplayer - A gift for understatement

Being out last night and having forgot to set my Sky+ planner to it I today went on the iplayer website to download the latest episode of The Thick Of It' only to be confronted with this screen :-

The Beeb clearly have a gift for understatement....either that or their iplayer staff used to work fo ronseal.

A look back...Climate Change really is a hot potato

I was looking back on my stats for this blog yesterday, I was absolutely amazed that somehow I'd accrued a little over 10,000 pageviews from people. And then I looked at the stats breakdown for individual posts. A post I made in 2009 about climate change is responsible for 2007 of those views (And's still going up every day. Thanks Google!). It wasn't a serious post with any major scientific insight, it was a pisstake about the evil coldsnap at the time and my desire for AGW to pull it's bloody finger out, which in the UK it has singularly failed to do as we've had a succession of cold winters and crap summers.

So the lesson here is...if you want to bump your viewing figures then write a short blogpost on climate change (He said it again! Stone him!) and the swarm will be all over your site like white on rice. I realise this means that I have shamelessly done it again but who cares? But seriously, read my previous post on climate's some of my most profound writing. Here's the link.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

No more pussyfooting from CCHQ...finally

The one constant message over the last 2 years from Tories has been that Ed Miliband is crap. It's not been trumpeted much but anyone who's not a died in the wool Labour supporter that has a vague knowledge of politics has at times reached that assumption.

And in his first major piece of action since  becoming Tory Chairman Michael Green *ahem* Grant Shapps has decided to take the gloves off and give him a tickler to the ribs with the launch of this poster...just in time for Labour conference.

About time too. They've been waiting until Miliband was secure enough to remain Labour Leader for the next election (and 12 months ago it was touch and go) but have now decided to go on the offensive. So it explains why they were pulling their punches for the last 12 months. Now they need to continue to press home the reminder that the two Ed's were Gordon Brown's advisors when he was chancellor, which lead to the biggest boom and bust (even though they thought they'd abolished it) in living memory. The tories will need to be constantly pressing on the front foot on programmes like Newsnight. The likes of Shapps, Fallon, Grayling, Gove and even Osborne (When he does intervene and go on the attack, his barbs usually hit the target but he's not seen nearly enough) will have to be at their combative best.

Labour have had probably the best 6 months they could wish for with the government copping flak fron all sideds of the media. Now is an ideal time to turn the spotlight back onto them and their vacuousness.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hello folks, long time no blog. I've been out of the blogging game for a while but have decided to start a new one, it's not for political rants, it's about one man's quest to lose weight through fair means or foul. If you're of the portly persuasion yourself or just want to witness my attempts at defying the logic of conventional western medical and nutritional advice then click The Fat Burning Blogger and follow my efforts!