Thursday, 6 August 2009

Go ahead short-arse, make my day!

Who else thinks Baron Sugar of Clapton is acting like a bit of a cock? Quentin Letts called him stupid because he had come across as a bit of a plank and everyone knows that he was only sent to the lords because he's on the tv (and his programme is one of the worst pieces of tripe the BBC have ever produced). Now's he's suing Letts, not Letts employers as is usually the case with journalists. This is a dangerous and unprecedented attack on the ability of journalists to criticise government ministers and hold them to account. What's next, bloggers? Bring it on.

In fact I'd like to point out that you, Lord Sugar of Tate & Lyle are a jumped up, humourless little twat (this word is really starting to catch on...bad Dave!) who likes to dish it out but can't bloody take it. Oh btw, your email phone is bloody rubbish and your skyhd receivers are shit (Stick to PACE or Samsung boxes people). Now this is not defamation but my personal opinion which people may agree with or they may not so go on Alan, sue me as well, I could use a laugh.

Whatever next? Will I get in trouble for mentioning that I think Ed Balls is a bit of a spacker (Oh, the PC police will have a field day with this term!) who is ruining the education system for the next generation or offering an appeal for anyone to send me evidence of RockingHorsegate so I can publish it and make my millions?


  1. Bob, I commend to you your quote of the day (Just above your listed blog archive):

    "Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)"

  2. He nicked it from Plato. So you can call me a fool, but at least I'm not a plagiarist.