Sunday, 30 September 2012

A look back...Climate Change really is a hot potato

I was looking back on my stats for this blog yesterday, I was absolutely amazed that somehow I'd accrued a little over 10,000 pageviews from people. And then I looked at the stats breakdown for individual posts. A post I made in 2009 about climate change is responsible for 2007 of those views (And's still going up every day. Thanks Google!). It wasn't a serious post with any major scientific insight, it was a pisstake about the evil coldsnap at the time and my desire for AGW to pull it's bloody finger out, which in the UK it has singularly failed to do as we've had a succession of cold winters and crap summers.

So the lesson here is...if you want to bump your viewing figures then write a short blogpost on climate change (He said it again! Stone him!) and the swarm will be all over your site like white on rice. I realise this means that I have shamelessly done it again but who cares? But seriously, read my previous post on climate's some of my most profound writing. Here's the link.

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