Thursday, 4 October 2012

US presidential debate

Well after the Romneyshambles of his trip to Europe and the stench of death emenating from his campaign lately, Mitt Romney completely surprised me. He was coherent, enthused, confident, likeable and all things considered....presidential. And Obama, curiously, wasn't. Now the presidential debates rarely change the outcome of a race but they're rarely as one sided as this. Even Dubya managed to hold his own a bit better against Gore and Kerry and he was a moron.

Romney won on economic matters easily, especially job creation. He also won on healthcare in my eyes which is surprising since I'm someone who's always had a statefunded healthcare platform (While I recognise that the NHS has flaws I don't think it's completely worthless...well, except maybe in Wales where it's going down the tubes fast). Obama basically praised Romney's Massachusetts programme, And he won on the role of the state and the closing statements.

Was this complacency from Obama or have the scales finally fallen from people's eyes? Only time will tell but if Romney has two more performances like that and remains gaffe free until election day then it could get very interesting.

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