Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Permit issued for ships sailing to the Falklands

President Kirchner of Argentina has decreed that all ship sailing in their territorial waters require a permit issued from the Argentinian authorities. I could harp on about how this contravenes international maritime law but I won't bother. Just show your permit. It looks like this :-

Should this fail to satisfy the Argentinian authority then please request for a mediator to resolve the dispute. They are easily identifiable and look like this :-

and may be seen carrying translation tools like this so that the argentineans can understand the mediators position clearly:-

Now our military may be underfunded, we may have a massive number of troops committed to Afghanistan, but if Argentina thinks it can win a military conflict with the UK then by all means, let them try. We might not be in the best shape now but we're still a nation to be feared militarily and have an unequalled record of combat globally. It wasn't so long ago this little island ruled 80% of the world population and it'll take more than a jumped up posse of latin american chancers to claim our territory.


  1. What's the point in pussyfooting around the issue? If the Argentines want to hold sovereign power over the Falklands then they should be prepared to face the consequences. And if that means at the barrel of a gun then that is their choice. Brown only has to avoid capitulating for 3 months, then the Tories ca come in and put the matter to rest.

    I think an increased Naval presence in the South Atlantic is required until Argentina grows up and tango's off into the corner

  2. Excellent thoughts. However, though a Falklander interviewed today said that she thought they were already pretty Argie-proof with the garrison there, I think we need some extra muscle, just to make the point crystal clear.

    Two nuclear attack subs, two destroyers, three frigates, 500 paras (with, say, 100 Royal Anglians - the best men in the Army), six more Typhoons (which would make 10 on station altogether) and a few MANPADS and Stingers should do the trick.

    Nothing to see here. Move along, Argies. Move along now.