Monday, 15 February 2010

Who you calling Banker?

Facebook. Shite.

I got a facebook offer from a friend to 'become a fan of the Robin Hood tax'. I should have stopped myself, I shouldn't have gone on the page...I went on the page.

What a load of marxist bullshit. I'm afraid I felt compelled to post on the wall (I had to become a fan first though...not that I wished to) and engage some of the blathering idiots in debate (A concept so alien to most of them they went into shock) not that it was a very productive discussion. It'd be easier trying to reason with the Watermelons armed with a full version of the 'hockey stick' graph than actually have a sensible discussion with these cretins. I posted a link to an interesting page on conservativehome about the reasons the tobin tax (To give it it's proper, non-oxymoronic name) was not a sane or credible idea. That was like showing a red (or should that be blue) rag to a rather stupid socialist bull. Suddenly, I was outed as a banker...because all tories are bankers, I had a vested interest (Damn skippy! I don't want the economy to go down the fucking tubes!) and I was a greedy capitalist pig. Maybe I shouldn't have envoked Thatcher as that only seemed to enrage their feeble little minds more. Expect to see the smelly, unwashed little trots marching with their banners around the square mile on May Day.

Kettling's too bloody good for the ungrateful scrotes! Still, Me, Dave and George and all our banker friends will have the last laugh when we reinstitute Debtors prisons and lock the buggers away in a Lord Ashcroft sponsored prison ship (Tax-deductible, naturally!) Rah-rah-rah! We're going to smash the oiks!

Still, hope my braindead friend doesn't read all the ruckus I created. She's far too attractive to get on the wrong side of...


  1. I'm fairly bloody uninspired by the "ActOnCO2" shite appearing in the sidebar of my Facebook account. How much of my money did the Labourist watermelon enviro-zombies spend on that bit of propaganda. It couldn't have been less than a couple of million.

    I feel an FOI request coming on!

  2. Go for it! The government spend on advertising is scandalous.