Thursday, 15 April 2010

The most predictable 90 minutes of my life...

Clegg gets an exposure boost, comes out reasonably but overdoes the 'plague on both your houses' schtick.

Score: 6/10

Brown, in the words of one 'pber' coming across as, and I quote, 'an overweight camp vampire!' He's too busy trying to lay pointless elephant traps which Cameron is completely ignoring. 2/10 (Because at least he did that funny, smiley, bouncing on his feet thing from the Youtube video)

Cameron came across as reasonable, assured and set out what he wanted to do. He didn't get as much airtime as the others (And ITV need to answer why that was) but he got his points across best in a manner the public would understand. 7/10

It was always going to end up like this. If you're a died in the wool labour voter you've got to fear for the next two debates.


  1. Cameron will get less airtime on Sky and even less than that on Pravda, Uncle Bob - what a waste of an hour and a half!

  2. "He didn't get as much airtime as the others"

    At least partly because he was well mannered and shut up when the moderator told him to, which the others didn't (especially Brown).

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