Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Reality Check

Reality check, people. If you vote for the libdems on the basis of Clegg-over being able to string more than two sentences together you're going to be in for a big surprise. You see, the libdems have policies...barmy policies...like Not sending burglars, thugs convicted of GBH, etc. to prison if their sentences are under 6 months. Giving prisoners the right to vote. Joining the Euro (and turning into an even larger version of Greece). An amnesty on illegal immigrants. Mansion Tax. Dropping Trident...

...I could go on, but instead I think I'll give you the most important reason not to vote for the libdems. Vote Yellow, get Brown. Quite simple. If you want the most atrocious prime minister in our history to remain in Downing Street then crack on! If not...put the socks and sandals away, shave that beard and replace that organic fairtrade mungbean salad with a nice thick, bloody steak. Be a man (or woman) not a mouse.

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