Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My god! The Beeb being balanced?

The other side of the climate change coin.

Not something I ever thought I'd see on the beeb. Now I'm not claiming either side is right...I'm not an expert in climatology but surely all avenues should be explored.

At least it'll shock the socks and sandals brigade into silence for a few seconds.


  1. I think it did - for a few seconds. In the end they just ignored it as aberrant behaviour from one of their tribe and then carried on with the propaganda and scaremongering regardless.

    I'm with you, though: I have what I believe is an open mind on this subject. One thing I do know, though (professionally, as it happens), is that propaganda and science do not mix.

    So with the climate change thing, where they have mixed, it seems to me the biggest and deliberate pollution has been of the science and the debate by those who seek to use a highly imaginative - and oddly accepted - worst case scenario as a battering ram for some form or other of anti-capitalist authoritarian socialism, itself a thought disease for which there appears to be no cure (yet).

    Go figure.

  2. My thoughts (and as I've said, I'm not an expert) is that the oceans are a giant heat sink. We did have that period of constantly warmer weather a decade ago, which warmed the oceans a bit, which has led the ice to melt. Now that more ice has melted this will lead to the oceans cooling things down more and the ice starting to expand. The earth re-balances itself.

    How arrogant is the human race to think that we can control mother nature? She's coped perfectly well with out us for millenia and will still be coping when we've gone. If the seas and oceans have decided to reclaim back some of the land (And sea levels have been much higher than present in the past) then tough shit, man cannot stop it. And I live in-land about 600 ft above sea level according to GPS, so I'm alright. Should work wonders for the price of my (inheritance!) parents house.

  3. You are dead right about the arrogance dimension. It sort of feels like an extension of the scientific arrogance of the post-war world and the foolishness of the "white heat" era. The AGW thing feels like a kind of post-modernist anti-science but motivated by exactly the same collective delusion which is that, as you say, somehow "we can control mother nature". It belies a serious misunderstanding of scale.

    So on these terms alone it's pretty risible - and very old-fashioned. But it doesn't mean it's not true: there could be other, greater, cyclical forces at work that are far beyond our comprehension. That's why, like you, I try to keep my mind (such as it is) open.

    But I won't be moving from the coast any time soon. I like it here ;)