Saturday, 17 October 2009


Now normally I'm not a fan of the mouth-breathing knucled-dragging parasites at Her Maj's revenue & customs but....upon hearing that they have decided to investigate 27 troughers of parliament it brough a wry smile to my face. Now I don't twitter, like Dave C I don't want to make a twat of myself (not in 140 characters or less at any rate). But for those of you who do, may I suggest the following hashtag #welovehmrc just so they know they have our support as they truly are the most devious moneygrabbing bastards in the world (Well, after the MP's that is). Maybe solving the national debt won't be so difficult after all, just grab a 'flipper' and shake him (or her) upside down by the ankles until the loose change falls out.

Don't ever forget, this is our money they stole...and we want it back!

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