Monday, 26 October 2009


Just been watching my local MP Chris Bryant launching more tory Euro smears in several childish outbursts on Newsnight like a monkey throwing shit in the zoo. So I'm composing an email to express my dismay at his and his Master Milliband's constant smears on members of the ECR grouping in brussels (It's even led to complaints from the Latvian ambassador as their government is furious at the way Labour are seeking to portray them). I'm also going to ask him why Labour sees fit to criticise the Tory partners when their own group contains some of the most loathsome members of the european parliament (Physician, heal thyself!). If anyone can give me some of the details on these partners to include in the email, I'd be grateful. Once sent I will publish what I've emailed to him and will also post the reply up on here for your perusal, I'm expecting more bollocks and if he decides to bullshit me I'll get it printed in the local paper too (One of the benefits of having a journalist for a friend aside from an always willing drinking partner). So help a brother blogger out and lets shut up Pantsman once and for all.

And if you've just eaten, my apologies for the pic!


  1. It's hard to take anyone seriously who takes a picture like that of themselves - I suppose we should be thankful for the underpants!

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  3. Read this article about Michal Kasminski, Uncle Bob, he's the one that Labour have been doing the most shouting about. The Rabbi in question has dismantled Labour's ranting and has shot them down in flames. I think this is at least part of what you're looking for.
    (the link's easier to see this way, hence the re-post)

  4. Cheers mate. And yes, I'm eternally grateful for the underpants.