Wednesday, 5 May 2010


This is usually the point where most bloggers like me will tell you to go out and vote for whichever party they follow tomorrow. I'm just asking that you place a vote for whoever you want, because if you don't you forfeit the right to piss and moan about the government you end up with...

...though if people are still seriously considering voting Labour I think there are good grounds to have them sectioned! Me, I'm voting Tory. As I live in the Rhondda it won't make a blind bit of difference but I can't bring myself to vote for the trots, their welsh language version or the limp dems. UKIP? While I agree with the out of Europe bit I could never bring myself to vote for someone whose first name is Taffy.

I'm still hoping that alongside the blessed castration of Balls (Ed that is!), he will be joined by Chris Huhne and his perfectly pressed trousers.

In fact I'd like to see total Labour annihilation, save Frank Field. Still when we cut the Unions off from the public teat I'm sure Labour will soon go belly-up.


  1. Lol. It must really be a hopeless cause out there in Big Pit country. That must be truly depressing.

    At least here Plaid are in the ascendancy, weirdness or not (there just aren't any Tories here, see). I prefer to ignore Plaid's nutter Gog non-MP leader and focus on the outstanding deputy, Elfyn Llwyd *MP*, who is one of the best politicians in Wales and a very reasonable, realistic and even moderate British subject when it comes to the lunacy that is instant independence) and my possibly delusional "wheels within wheels" feverish voting tactic notwithstanding.

    I bet I end up crossing the Tory box when that private moment finally comes, though - if there is one. Well, no one will ever know will they? 'Cept me ;)

  2. I voted Plaid. Still can't believe it.