Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Euroscepticism with a dose of reality.

'Cameron lied to us on the Lisbon referendum'

They promised...we must have our say!'

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I'm a Eurosceptic. I want to trade with Europe, I just don't want them to tell me what to do (One unelected dictator is enough for anyone). But harping on about having a referendum will be pointless. By the time a conservative government takes power this treaty will have been in force for months. So what is the point in having a referendum on a Treaty that cannot be un-ratified? Have we really got the cash to waste on such a pyrrhic gesture? Now there are those of you who are of the better off out persuasion who want a referendum on being in the EU altogether. Now I wouldn't entirely be opposed to this but what you guys need to is make the economic argument for this. Now, how much would we lose in trade from EU countries? Our biggest trade partners in th EEC area are Holland, The Icelandics and the bog stompers to the west. Could this trading loss be made up by reaching an agreement with NAFTA and re-establishing our trade with the commonwealth (EU rules prevent us from using our historic advantage here)? If we went would the Irish follow? These are the questions that need to be answered.

But Cameron and HAgue are taking the right approach for now, they can't stop a treaty already in existence but they can fight to repatriate powers. But if the economic argument proved to be beneficial they'd drop the EU like a bucket of rancid shit. So find these figures, make the succesful argument. You'll be surprised how much Europe will concede to us if they thought they were in line for a 'spanish archer'. Who else is going to stop a Russian expanionist push this century when resources become scarce? The Germans, Italians, French (stop sniggering at the back!)? Never forget, they need us far more than we'll ever need them and we'll do alright.

A conservative government's first order of business should be getting the rebate back. And then they should move on from there.


  1. No UK government will get the rebate back, it will have to be agreed by all 27 states, so not going to happen.
    There will be no repatriation of power, because that would have to be agreed too by all 27 states.

    As for leaving, here's some news for you, it wont make any difference if we come out other than taxes going down. The EU needs us to trade with far more than we trade with them. They need to sell us stuff and most UK products don't go to the EU they go elsewhere. 80% of UK trade is internal it stays here, the rest well can keep EU standards, but there are other markets willing to accept cheap, good quality stuff anyway. We're a world wide trading nation the EU isn't, not really most of its markets are internal and they sell to themselves, which is why they protect their markets with tariffs to prevent cheap imports.
    That's why we can leave.

  2. I don't know, a 'give us the rebate or we're pissing off' will concentrate a few minds. And good news if a loss in European trade will not affect us. Our friends across the Atlantic will love free trade with us.

  3. I'm so very glad you've written something on this UB - and something bloody marvellous to boot. I was so utterly, boneshakingly livid about it, I just couldn't bring myself to put fingertips to keyboard (though I certainly do not blame the Tories for Labour's ultimate betrayal).

    Bring on the INOUT referendum!

  4. Well, at least a decent in/out debate would be nice with facts and figures and the only thing that matters is th economics of it. I think my suggestion of an agreement with NAFTA could be a boon to the UK. It would make us THE conduit between North America and Europe. I don't give a monkeys about all the caring-sharing european brothers crap. Show me the money!