Sunday, 1 November 2009

In praise of moneygrabbing capitalism

Hail, fellow bloggers. I know posting has been a little light on this front lately. I've been busy with my new job for the last month and that's the reason behind this post.

I'm a believer in free market economics. I believe that if you work hard and are succesful, you should be justly rewarded. Thank the maker that my managing director feels the same way!

I'm a numismatist (trader of rare and collectible coins if you don't know the term), I sell everything from Sovereigns, to Guineas, Unites, Krugerrands, to coins dating back to ancient greece. I've only been doing it from the end of September but I've been extremely successful and owing to having a wide historical knowledge have built up a good rapport and reputation with a number of clients. Now my boss is a smart man. When I make money, he makes money...and he likes to make money. With this in mind, he's offered me a quick promotion moving to another team that specialises in supplying the higher-end of the coin collecting spectrum to really serious collectors. Why is he doing this, to maximise his return of course. I will see the commission I make increase fourfold for every pound a customer spends and he in turn will also see increased profits. A win-win situation for both...but an ethos totally at odds with Labour's politics of envy. Surely for the country having someone like me working hard and making cash off my own skills and knowledge is better than having someone who is forced to stay on the dole because they're better off than if they worked a low-wage job. Touch wood that we'll get a government at the next election who appreciates succesful endeavour and will seek to promote it.

And me? I was going to have a bottle of sparkling Cava on ice to toast Labour's demise at the election. Given my new situation I may make it a bottle of Pol Roger Winston Churchill and I'm sure the old dog would have approved heartily!

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