Monday, 16 November 2009

The politics of the possible

Forgive me dear blogreaders, for I have has been 12 days since my last blogpost.

But I've had a good excuse with a combination of hardwork and some worldclass carousing taking place (I would divulge bet a gentleman never tells!). But also, I haven't been sure what to write about. Though slowly but surely a thought has been worming it's way into my brain. I read an interview with Cameron a few weeks ago when he said something that struck a chord in me. He said the biggest thing that spurred him on was the fear of failure, not the wide eyed optimism of Blair or more recently the 'audacity of hope' of THE ONE (tm). And not the inate belief in one's own genius like the terribly ill-suited leader of UK plc we have at present. And I realised something. He was bloody right...again (Funny how that keeps happening). I don't want a leader who thinks he (and only He!) can save the world or that he knows better than everyone else. I want a leader who thinks things through, who questions whether a decision is going to come back to haunt him, who doesn't rely on blind faith. I want a leader who wants to deal in the achievable, who will work hard for his successes but work equally hard to minimise the losses. Someone who doesn't believe in pipedreams but is happy living in reality. I want the politics of the possible...I want David Cameron (But not in a gay way).


Anyone who hasn't seen it yet, this is the excellent Cinema trailer from the TPA highlighting the phenomenal waste in th EU system. Anyone who wants to see Britain leave the EU take is the economic argument that will decide it (The country doesn't give a monkeys about the social agenda there), so get your bleeding calculators out and prove your case.

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