Monday, 16 November 2009

Wave the white flag

So Gordon's signalled there's going to be a time table for withdrawal in Afghanistan setup in January. This is of course complete bullshit and another one of Brown's pathetic 'dividing lines' (and probably trying to cosy up to the libdems in a potential hung parliament situation).

Of course, like all of his famous dividing lines, Brown finds himself squarely on the wrong side. If we start to pull out now, we are admitting defeat, all our soldiers deaths will have been for nothing, Afghanistan will fall into the talibans hands and consequently so will much of Pakistan.

Or we could go the other way, take the fight to the talib. If you want to win the peace you have to win the war. All the nation building nonsense can wait until the opposition has been smashed. And yes, those helicopters next year will be nice Gord, they would have been nicer a couple of years back...y'know, when they were asked for.

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  1. Only one withdrawal I want and thats new labour.