Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Blanchflower: Rogered senseless!

Quite enjoyable on Newsnight, David Blanchflower has been taken roughly over a barrel by Nigel Lawson and Gerry Robinson. Would I rather take the opinion of a professor who deals in theories on economics or a man who managed the nation's economy and another man who has been a success in business.

Thoseb who can, do.... those who can't, teach.

No wonder Mervyn King was glad to be shot of him.

The public sector propping up our GDP figures is a false economy. Only private sector growth will avert us from disaster. That's why the Tory aim to reduce corporation tax significantly is a smart tax cut as it'll add businesses seeking to move here, create more jobs, reduce the Social Security budget, all for a negligible fall in tax revenue. I think we've tested the merits of tax and spend socialism to it's limits. It's time for a smarter approach.


  1. Quite right. But a bit liberal.

    I'm still toying with the idea of agitating for the likes of Brown, Blanchflower, and the rest of them, to be sent to Tybern for their crimes - like the bad old days (when we tortured traitors just before we executed them - really nastily).

    What a popular rendezvous that would be.

    You see, only after knowing the gibbot (the metaphorical outcomes - sadly - of their horrible incompetence), for these types, can come the true recovery for the nation - demanded by the likes of us.

    Horrible execution - or exile to the House of Lords for their sins - is surely their best hope.

    Me, I'd shoot the fuckers.

  2. Well funny when your basically out of politics you can tell people how it's done, I remember Lawson in polictics what a pillock he was. and of course one of the team that said lets stab Thatcher

  3. "Robert" is 12 years old and mouthing his parents' critique of Lawsonomics. That critique has always been dummer than he is.

  4. Funny how social mobility was so much higher when he was in charge of the economy. Contrary to the fairytales that get told, the 80's were a great era of prosperity. My parents, though what would be traditionally be defined as working class, always had a job throughout the decade, had no money worries, would take me and my sister on a family holiday abroad every year, etc. Contrast that with the last decade and it's been a lot more tricky.