Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A quick one before beddy byes

God the Irish are annoying. With their craic, false bonhomie and belief that they are somehow the most entertaining nation on the planet (Which is there is nothing funnier than watching a frenchman throw an arm-waving hissy fit!) and all the other smug bullshit that comes with the territory.

For the record, your food is basically British food with added blandness and none of the spice we've inherited from our empire days, your accent is indecipherable at times, your women, though striking me with a deep and unholy lust are far too frigid (and always seem to have a big brother hanging around to ward off cads like myself!) and don't even get me started on riverdance, rebel songs, Bono (Ireland have only produced 3 great bands...and he isn't in one of them!), pub violinists and overpriced stout.

But what's this, taking steps to deal with their defecit, cutting public spending by 7% after seeing a 7.5% decline in their GDP? What's the bet they'll recover far quicker than us as well....smug bastards!

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