Sunday, 13 December 2009

Congratulations to an inspirational figure

Hearty congratulations to Ryan Giggs on winning the BBC sports personality of the year award. It's not surprising though. In a sport where rivalry between fans often gets the better of them it's rare to find a player that is loved universally, not just by his own fans but by his opponents as well. And it's nice to see that after all he's won in his glittering career that he was still humbled when receiving the award. Only a knighthood (and a few more leagues and European cups!) to go. Yoga bonito Giggsy!


  1. I thought some of the dribbling shots had been sped up but then remembered that actually he was THAT quick. In fact I don't think I've seen anyone quicker with the ball at their feet.

  2. I remember watching the '99 goal against Arsenal live - in the pub. Couldn't believe my mince pies. The whole place erupted and even some of the gooners were impressed (who cares).

    How could anyone be that good? The Richard Burton of footy.

  3. Surely George Best was the Burton of football. Prodigously talented and prodigously drunk...all at the same time.

    And yes, I remember watching that game in 99 in the pub with my mates (Who are mainly Liverpool fans) and we just sat there agog at what he'd done. Here's to his next 20 years at Old Trafford!