Sunday, 6 December 2009

A sunday morning surprise

Well there was me thinking the only good thing I'd sse on the Andre Marr show was Ray Davies singing Waterloo Sunset. Well, thankfully George Osborne popped up with a brucey bonus. Not that he introduced an exciting new policy or came up with any pithy soundbites.

No, it was a serious interview, not downbeat, but filled with a healthy dollop of commmon sense.

I'm watching the start of Darling's interview. Expect plenty of bombastic bullshit about how Labour will put our country on top.


  1. You were right about the bull, Welcome back. Are you back in work?

  2. Yes, been a busy man the last two months. But have scored a promotion already. I shall endeavour to post more often though, the next 6 months should have plenty in it for us all to blog about.