Thursday, 9 July 2009

How not to smear someone


I'm not going to proclaim Andy Coulson's innocence or guilt like the BBC, The Guardian and Labour's hierarchy, I don't know the full facts and neither do they.

But comparing him to Damien McBride is a bit ridiculous. Has Coulson dleiberately made up smears to discredit political opponents and their wives. No.

Prescott, Clarke, 'Toenails', et al, are spinning this for all it's worth as they try to 'McBride' Coulson.

Nick Robinson has admitted on the Daily Politics that the Guardian has no evidence implicating Coulson. And since this seems to have gone on before and after Coulson's tenure as NOTW editor (also involved reporters on The Sun too (Which he would have no responsibility for) it does beg the question of this is being pinned on him for anything other than political objectives. The police will investigate but if no case is found against Coulson I would suggest suing the Guardian.

By the way, is McBride still not involved with New Labour's inner circle? Those questions at recent PMQ's has had people querying. And do Labour really want to get into a mudslinging match. WHelan, Balls and Brown himself are all viable targets for their underhand political machinations.

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