Monday, 27 July 2009

Wow. Amazed.

Well, blow me. 'Toenails' Robinson has played a blinder whilst presenting an NHS special on Newsnight. He's so much better at this than he is as a political commentator. His interviewing was excellent (and was probing without being a Paxman caricature) and he presented the programme well. Perhaps he should make the change permanent. Newsnight has been going downhill this year. Paxman has descended into self parody and Gavin Estler gives government spokesmen too easy a ride. Robinson showed balance, and asked his questions in a civil manner, forcing his guests to answer in the same vein. I hope the producer takes note (Not that he's a fan of balance, as anyone who saw the Newsnight Politics Pen will testify to.).

Kudos Nickles!

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