Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Robinson locates Testicles!

He's doing it again. Following from yesterday's successful outing, Nick Robinson is again presenting Newsnight. And like a man reborn he has delivered the best interview with Peter Mandelson I have seen in some time, in fact Mandelson did seem to get a bit annoyed at being pressed for a straight answer. As I said last night, Robinson is proving so much better as Newsnight anchor than he does as the BBC's lead political commentator. I hope this continues as he seems to have picked up Newsnight from it's recent doldrums.

Can he become a permanent replace to Paxo? Nick Robinson, scourge of the politicians? Stranger things have happened in politics! I've just seen this picture on a google search and had to include it for the laugh!

Robinson clearly going for the famous vulcan scrotal pinch. That'll teach GWB to comment on his baldness!

1 comment:

  1. Robinson N is, of course, a former National Young Conservative Chairman, and rarely forgets to behave tendentiously when it might actually do Chameleon and his scunners some good.

    Try mentioning his history on his blog, or elsewhere on the BBC's site when it is relevant and you will be wasting pixels.