Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Why I'm not joining Labour

Big hat-tip to Ollie Cromwell at the redrag. He's got a new gif going with reasons why people are not joining Labour. If you'd like to add your own reason, click here. Excellent work as alway my amigo, and I shall add the aforementioned gif to this site.

PS. Oh, Gordon. Whilst having more helicopters may not have prevented the deaths of soldiers in the last couple of weeks, don't even pretend that it wouldn't have helped prevent the steady dripfeed of deaths we have suffered from roadside IED's over the last couple of years. I have had family and friends serve in the army and find it personally offensive that soldiers have died because you wanted to piss the taxpayers money up the wall on Labour's pet spending projects. Blair may have led us to war but you were the one who wanted to fight it on the cheap.


  1. Comprehensively right, UB, as always.

  2. I wrote a piece along a similar vein ( ) on July 14th. Two weeks later the government still hasn't changed its tune, despite more deaths. I am ashamed of this government, but then Labour has never really been in tune with the needs of the Forces, including and right back to its unilateralist days.