Wednesday, 1 July 2009

PMQ's watch

I think we hit the tipping point last week. Brown is beaten before he's started and Cameron is back on his toes. Clegg is largely middling (Classic libdem territory) and ineffectual.

The cuts vs arguments has been hopelessly lost by team bunker and Dave is walking all over him. So, no spending review, (they want to keep it hidden) 0% extra spending (Chortle!), and the cabinet with a face like stone, apart from the dribbling baboon, Balls.


Brown 2/10 One of his worst PMQ's ever (And that's saying something)
Cameron 8/10 Another strong performance. He's got Brown over a barrel and is pressing home the advantage
Clegg 4/10 Anonymous. That's it.


Actually I've changed my mind on the scores. Brown now gets zip, nada, niente, zero! But it's ok, little labour louts, in his eyes that's a positive!

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