Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It's the end of the World as we know it.

So, the economy is officially screwed, Gordon Brown's Bunker has been exposed for preparing to muckspread on it's political opponents (I don't know what all the surprise is about, this is the way he's operated his entire political career!), The Dear Leader's answer to the expenses row is to pay MP's more money for turning up to work, no receipts (nudge, nudge), World Leaders are slowly realising he's a cretin and we're all going to die of swine flu so need to worry about the national debt not being paid off until 2032. I think that's brought us up to date.

Oh wait, be good children and sign this petition (then buy shares in Nokia!)


He won't resign but hopefully enough of the cabinet get the hint and dispense with his services. If a leader like Thatcher can be ousted then this village idiot should be easy meat.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

What's it all about...Alfie?

Why did I create this blog you may wonder? (You may not give a monkeys, wallowing away in a sea of indifference) Two reasons.

1. The economy, stupid!

Being a victim of the credit crunch and losing your job once would be bad enough. but twice in the last 7 months is a bit grating. I don't care if 'it started in America', my problem is in the UK and the government has made a complete hash of it. The private sector is being decimated and Brown's more concerned with his image as a global statesmen and making sure he secures his place sat on Obama's knee. Given this situation, I have now been given a little leisure time until I find new employment. Hopefully, I can get this thing up and running until I can once again make my valuable contribution to society and ever increasing portion to the exchequeur.

2. There is a lack of right of centre blogs in Wales

Iain Dale in his blog mentioned the lack of welsh conservative voices on the internet. Not surprising given the political make-up of the Principality but there are some of us out there, not that this blog is intended to be a mouthpiece for the Tories. I am not, nor ever have been a member of their party, they just happen to be the party that most shares my outlook on life at the moment. If they have policies which I wholeheartedly agree with I'll laud them accordingly, if I don't like the policy I shan't hold my tongue. Likewise for Labour, the LibDems and even Plaid (Though I'm struggling to recall any policy of Plaid's that ticked my boxes).


Obviously, I'm not expecting a lot of traffic here, I don't have the political or media connections of the big blogs but I will try and keep things as interesting as possible and if any readers have things they'd like to contribute let me know and I'll put it on the site if I like it. And obviously if I could get into an online spat with Dolly Draper that'd be nice. (It'll give Guido a break anyway!)