Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Dave on his dubious taste in TV, twittering, et al

Catch David Cameron's last pre-holiday interview on Absolute Radio (Thanks to Iain Dale for the limk).

It's refreshing to hear a politician sound so relaxed and so normal. It's something the Gorgon will never be capable of, humanity.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Robinson locates Testicles!

He's doing it again. Following from yesterday's successful outing, Nick Robinson is again presenting Newsnight. And like a man reborn he has delivered the best interview with Peter Mandelson I have seen in some time, in fact Mandelson did seem to get a bit annoyed at being pressed for a straight answer. As I said last night, Robinson is proving so much better as Newsnight anchor than he does as the BBC's lead political commentator. I hope this continues as he seems to have picked up Newsnight from it's recent doldrums.

Can he become a permanent replace to Paxo? Nick Robinson, scourge of the politicians? Stranger things have happened in politics! I've just seen this picture on a google search and had to include it for the laugh!

Robinson clearly going for the famous vulcan scrotal pinch. That'll teach GWB to comment on his baldness!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Wow. Amazed.

Well, blow me. 'Toenails' Robinson has played a blinder whilst presenting an NHS special on Newsnight. He's so much better at this than he is as a political commentator. His interviewing was excellent (and was probing without being a Paxman caricature) and he presented the programme well. Perhaps he should make the change permanent. Newsnight has been going downhill this year. Paxman has descended into self parody and Gavin Estler gives government spokesmen too easy a ride. Robinson showed balance, and asked his questions in a civil manner, forcing his guests to answer in the same vein. I hope the producer takes note (Not that he's a fan of balance, as anyone who saw the Newsnight Politics Pen will testify to.).

Kudos Nickles!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Another disaster, another 'Downfall'

Hat-tip to Barking Spider.

If only!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

The dislike that dare not reveal itself

I've just read another excellent blogpost from Dan Hannan or Dan the Hannan as Andrew Neil would probably call him. It concerns the treatment of UKIP byt the beeb in the Norwich North by-election. All the coverage from them concentrated on four parties, Tories, Labour, Libdems and the Greens. Now at the most recent electoral test, the euro and locals UKIP finished ahead of the greens in the norwich north wards. And yesterday they finished ahead of them again and only 800 votes shy of the libdems. What would the UKIP result had been had they been afforded the coverage of the greens. They compounded this by showing a bar graph of the result which showed the 3 main parties and the greens vote percentages but ignored UKIP completely.I'm not a UKIP supporter but feel they deserve a fair shake of the stick. They are clearly a strong political force now and are definitely the largest party outside the big three and at their current trajectory will inevitably win a seat in parliament in the future. And that's what the BBC hate. People have been quick to accuse them of bias before but they are making it possible for anyone sane to defend their stance. The real balance of politics will end up like this in future. You will have two parties of the left (Libdem and Labour) and two on the right (Conservative and UKIP) dominating the political agenda for the forseeable future. At the moment the state funded media monopoly is tring to live in some socialist utopian fantasy, (well, apart from Jeremy Clarkson.

The beeb needs to get it's act together or it will be signing it's own death warrant.

Friday, 24 July 2009

A Question

Have Labour carried out their threat to kill the fox? Or was it just hot air, like so much of what they spout these days?

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Why I'm not joining Labour

Big hat-tip to Ollie Cromwell at the redrag. He's got a new gif going with reasons why people are not joining Labour. If you'd like to add your own reason, click here. Excellent work as alway my amigo, and I shall add the aforementioned gif to this site.

PS. Oh, Gordon. Whilst having more helicopters may not have prevented the deaths of soldiers in the last couple of weeks, don't even pretend that it wouldn't have helped prevent the steady dripfeed of deaths we have suffered from roadside IED's over the last couple of years. I have had family and friends serve in the army and find it personally offensive that soldiers have died because you wanted to piss the taxpayers money up the wall on Labour's pet spending projects. Blair may have led us to war but you were the one who wanted to fight it on the cheap.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Damp squib

All the fury from the left about Coulson and this select committee hearing has shown it to be a pointless waste of hot air. They didn't nail him, to be honest, most didn't try. One or two tried to bring his (irrelevant) present employer into play but didn't get very far. Coulson handled the questions well, even managed to have a few subtle digs at Tom Watson over his (alleged) role in smeargate.

So there you have it, he will not be sacked and labour will not get their sacrifical lamb.

Off-topic, just seen on Iain Dale's blog that Norwich North's Labour candidate has been admitted to hospital with swine flu. I wish him a full and speedy recovery though have a feeling he'll be feeling a bit sick on Friday come what may.

Coulson in the dock

BBC Parliament now. Let the comedy commence.


Or not! Bloody useless beeb!

Update II

Working now. Noticed the corpulent frame of Tom Watson testing the structural rigidity of the select committee chairs. Be interesting to see what Gordon's lickspittle will ask.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Go on, have a good feel!

Just spotted this post from Iain Dale asking men to check their bollocks for lumps. He's done this after the sad news this week about Big John Hartson, footballing legend and hardest ginger on the planet (Yes Chuck Norris, that includes you and your stupid internet cult following) getting cancer. He's also included a youtube clip on how to check yourself. But, this site being a bit more light-hearted in nature generally, I've posted a slightly different clip to persuade other chaps (or ladies...they may want to check their men....maybe even strangers!) to look for lumps. So watch, enjoy....then whip them out and have a good feelaround. And if you find anything untoward get to the doctor asap.

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Great news on the job front

Not really. But the daily Mash have come up with another corker.

Companies resort to employing the Welsh


THE recession took a turn for the worse last night as new figures revealed more businesses have resorted to using low cost Welshmen.

Unemployment in Wales has fallen by 1,000 so far this year, as towns close to the border are overrun by short, hairy employees who work for vodka and seem to speak Elvish.

Wayne Hayes, a warehouse worker from Chester, said: "I saw this odd creature stacking boxes. The boss said it's from somewhere called 'Llanerch-y-Mor', which I can only assume is a suburb of Mordor."

Wales still suffers from large scale unemployment with many unable to work due to a chronic sense of victimhood and vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight. Singer Charlotte Church's bar tab currently accounts for 42% of the country's GDP.

Meanwhile trade unions have called for increased safety checks warning an improperly-handled Welsh can explode in a shower of glowering resentment and vowel-free syllables.

Roy Hobbs, who employs 12 Welshmen at his factory in Shrewsbury, said: "They're charming little fellows that can easily be trained to do menial tasks. I sometimes think they almost understand what we're saying."

He added: "They're initially skittish around machinery but give them a pallet of straw to sleep on and a flagon of Brains Bitter every night and they're happy as larks."

But many are angry at the introduction of the Welsh. Nikki Hollis, an accounts assistant from Ludlow, said: "How would you like a Tom Jones screaming down your ear and rubbing his crotch against your cheek while you're trying to do the regional sales figures?"

Now, now. Before some of my more sensitive compatriots get all sensitive and call in the police on racial discrimination charges (Why they had a go at poor Anne Robinson I'll never know. She's a ginger scouser, she should be pitied not vilified!) remember it's a joke!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Watching Newsnight.

That is all.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

The camera loves you

Another day, another amusing Gordon photo op. I swear, people are starting to do this on purpose. He should count himself lucky Spitting Image is no more. He'd get a harder time than Major. Tip of the hat to The Red Rag.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

How not to smear someone


I'm not going to proclaim Andy Coulson's innocence or guilt like the BBC, The Guardian and Labour's hierarchy, I don't know the full facts and neither do they.

But comparing him to Damien McBride is a bit ridiculous. Has Coulson dleiberately made up smears to discredit political opponents and their wives. No.

Prescott, Clarke, 'Toenails', et al, are spinning this for all it's worth as they try to 'McBride' Coulson.

Nick Robinson has admitted on the Daily Politics that the Guardian has no evidence implicating Coulson. And since this seems to have gone on before and after Coulson's tenure as NOTW editor (also involved reporters on The Sun too (Which he would have no responsibility for) it does beg the question of this is being pinned on him for anything other than political objectives. The police will investigate but if no case is found against Coulson I would suggest suing the Guardian.

By the way, is McBride still not involved with New Labour's inner circle? Those questions at recent PMQ's has had people querying. And do Labour really want to get into a mudslinging match. WHelan, Balls and Brown himself are all viable targets for their underhand political machinations.

Monday, 6 July 2009

A quasi autonomous waste of cash

So Cameron plans to target certain quangos and get rid of them as they're an innefficient and unaccountable waste of taxpayers money. Note that he's not proposing a mass cull but a few carefully selected targets. This is a good thing because it's practical, will mean policy decisions will be made by our elected representatives and most importantly it is achievable. Since it's likely they will form the next government let's hope other policies the Tories launch in the near future are as clear and deliverable.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Another great Gordon Photo-op

He can't help himself can he. Here's Gordon singing old Macdonald with some unfortunate children. Unlike the kids, Brown actually brought his toy animals with him.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

PMQ's watch

I think we hit the tipping point last week. Brown is beaten before he's started and Cameron is back on his toes. Clegg is largely middling (Classic libdem territory) and ineffectual.

The cuts vs arguments has been hopelessly lost by team bunker and Dave is walking all over him. So, no spending review, (they want to keep it hidden) 0% extra spending (Chortle!), and the cabinet with a face like stone, apart from the dribbling baboon, Balls.


Brown 2/10 One of his worst PMQ's ever (And that's saying something)
Cameron 8/10 Another strong performance. He's got Brown over a barrel and is pressing home the advantage
Clegg 4/10 Anonymous. That's it.


Actually I've changed my mind on the scores. Brown now gets zip, nada, niente, zero! But it's ok, little labour louts, in his eyes that's a positive!