Sunday, 30 May 2010

What's the agenda?

Not content with wrecking David Laws life (and at who's behest, I wonder?) the Telegraph has turned it's attention on his replacement, Dannyb Alexander and is accusing him of fiddling Capital Gains Tax...except it now transpires that he hasn't and all was above board. Just who is pulling the strings here?

Now personally, if I was Alexander I would be sorely tempted to see the Telegraph get rogered by Carter-Fuck...but that's just me, a vindictive bastard.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

New layout and name change

Experimenting with a new layout for the blog. Things might be a bit screwy until I get it settled.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Cheer up lads...Gordon's gone!

There's just no pleasing some people. Brown has been removed, Cameron's in number 10, the Tories have gained almost 100 seats in the GE, the coalition actually seems to be working well, the libdem chief Treasury secretary isn't so much dipping his hands in the blood of cuts as positively bathing in it, Cameron's told Merkel and Sarkozy we won't bail out the Euro and we won't give them any further powers...and yet still the right isn't happy.

What is their problem? The likes of Fraser Nelson, Tim Montgomerie et al are acting as if Dave has ordered the sacrifice of their first born. You do understand that this coalition being a success makes it more likely that you'll get a majority next time around. So he cut the balls off the 1922 committee? Good, it has caused nothing but trouble for Tory PM's for decades. Did he have to do it? Yes, or face a David Davis inspired coup in about 2 years.

And remember this, for all the mistakes made during the GE campaign, Cameron and Osborne have made you electable again. No longer is the term 'Tory' a dirty word in vast swathes of the country (Scotland excluded). They've even made you a popular second party in Wales (And I expect to see some big gains at the next assembly election).

So, once and for all, grow up and get on with the business of running the country...or join bloody UKIP if you must. Cameron is your biggest political asset. If you want to throw him under the bus be prepared for the consequences.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Labour's Leadership Shenanigans

So the only contenders to stand so far are the Chuckle brothers? Cameron must be pissing himself laughing. Can you see either of them laying so much as a glove on him at the despatch box? Can we start a Balls4Leader campaign. Can all you twatterers do a new hashtag. #Balls4Leader

Not that he would stand a hope in hell of improving Labour's position. It would be like Michael Foot without the principles or humanity, but then again, us rightwingers do love a good bloodsport!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

A quick suggestion... all rightwing MP's, Lords, Journos, etc.

When the BBC come calling asking you to appear on Newsnight, Any Questions, et al to discuss the Con-Lib coalition, pretend that you're against it, that it'll split the party, that it won't stop you eating babies, etc. In short, bluff the arse off them, then when you appear on said program you can happily state that it's not that big of a deal, was the only sensible option for the country and that you had to use the ruse of discontent as the state broadcaster has been deliberately trying to shape this story and rubbish the coalition. Sadly Hannan's let the cat out of the bag so he won't be called but hopefully Redwood, Howard and other prominent figures on the right will do and prevent the auntie's little trots from playing silly buggers with the facts.

Let's not be finks for 'the man' and beat the scumbags at their own game.

Peace and Fucking,
Uncle Bob!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Question Time

A Panel of nutjobs.

And I'll single out Mehdi Hasan. What a complete cock. Get over it, your lot lost!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Today's cabinet appointments.

Day 1 of the grand coalition and all is well, poverty and disease have been cured, Dave's been voted TIME man of the millenia and it's Barack's turn to do the rather demeaning sycophantic arse-kissing...

...well maybe not quite, but it has been a good start.

Nick Clegg got DPM. His most important role in the administration will be keeping the coalition running smoothly, making sure Cable and Huhne don't go 'off-piste' and to keep the likes of Simon Hughes, Ming Campbell and David Steele from the vicinity of a television camera for the next four years and 11 months,

William Hague got Foreign Secretary and hoefully should lead the FO into a more robust future. Not only in projecting British geo-political interests but also in the return of the great foreign trade mission. It was something we used to be the best in the world at and something that deserves a comeback. We've been buying from the far east for's time to make them buy british and also start investing here again. His mission is simple yet difficult, make Britain the world's hub again.

The Chancellor's role has fallen on Osborne. It's a pretty thankless task but I'm certain he's up to the job, even if it's the toughest one any British chancellor has ever faced. I'm glad he's adopted the Libdem £10,000 pa tax allowance proposal (Note to our libdem brethren, this wasn't the concession you guys thought. Any Tory worth their salt loved this idea!). The trick is paying for it. George showed early signs of innovation and a radical approach, he'll need to find some great ideas to pay for this and also to deal with the wider deficit. He will be assisted by David Laws as Chief Treasury Secretary, probably one of the libdems idealogically closest to the tories. He also has a background of economics and worked in the city so knows what has to be done and could be useful as a foil for Osborne. He mustn't shy away from being tough on other departments and their budgets.

The Home Office was a surprise. I expected Cameron to throw some redmeat to his right flank and appoint David Davis or even possibly bring back Michael Howard to deal with what has proved to be the graveyard of briefs in recent years. He's instead opted for Theresa May, with not many Women in the cabinet I'm not surprised she's been promoted. She's not spectacular but that's not what the Home Office needs. She doesn't seem to be Gaffe prone (which is what did for Chris Grayling) and is seen as a safe pair of hands. Nevertheless, she will need to get to grips with her brief quickly.

Justice and the Lord Chancellorship has gone to Ken Clarke. The thought of him strolling into the lords in wig and tights is not that pleasant a mental image (and is probably quite a flammable one with Ken's penchant for cigars. As well as prisons, he'll have many constitutional matters to attend to including the big political reforms which will be implemented by this administration so it's probably a good thing to have probably the most experienced government minister about there. And playing Jazz to the lags doing stir might prove to be an effective deterrant!

Business, Banks and Universities has gone to Vince Cable and here I'm a little concerned. Thankfully he's been kept out of the treasury, but his brief will still have an important part to play in our economic recovery. As I said earlier, he shoulp put his head together with Hague and come up with some vital foreign trade missions. Not only securing exports for our businesses but attracting inward investment in GB plc. And as long as he tries not to turn his brief into 'The St. Vince show' everything will be rosy. But the tories don't fully trust him and I suspect neither does Clegg. If he steps out of line expect him to be dropped and flushed away like an errant turd.

Education. Michael Gove. Thank God. His free schools policy was the best thing to come out of the election campaign. Cameron aside, Gove has been the Tories star performer and I expect his star to rise now that he's got a red briefcase to actually implement his life-changing policy. If he wasn't so unfortunately featured he'd be a future PM. Still politics is supposed to rock stardom for ugly people so who knows?

DWP. Iain Duncan Smith. This was the big surprise of the day but certainly from much of the right of centre blogosphere an extremely welcome one. He has worked tirelessly on this field with the Centre for Social Justice since Cameron became leader and have no doubt he'll approach this brief with the same zeal. He does know the department and the reforms needed inside out and I fully expect him to hit the ground running. Alongside Gove's school reforms I expect his work here to be one of the two central pillars on which Cameron's government is defined.

Energy and Environment. Chris Hulne. This post is vital....absolutely crucial to our nation's future. There, hopefully his ego has been sufficiently stoked because if he ballses this one up we'll all be in the shit...and in the dark too. And the energy brief is more important that the environmental brief too. He may need to start ignoring the socks and sandals wing of his party and embracing the harsh realities of energy security. Strangely, he seems to have embraced this coalition in a much easier fashion than I imagined. And if he's fully on board it will make keeping the coalition sailing fowards a bit easier...still a cunt though.

Tory Party Chairman. Sayeeda Warsi. A well deserved reward for the slayer of Griffin. Who'd have thought the party could go from Tebbit to her in 25 years. And for any MP or local conservative association who's thinking of stepping out of very afraid. The woman is Tenacious. She is swapping with Comrade Pickles who now having completed his mission of lovebombing Libdems now will be lovebombing the public at large in communities up and down the country...just remember to stock up on pies.

Liam Fox has defence and will hopefully fight to ensure that no longer will our servicemen have to go into battle under equipped.

And as a sidenote with the events of the last 24 hours have these conspired to make Gordon Brown Labour's equivalent to Ted Heath (with the addition of a beard obviously)?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Winners and Losers - Election 2010

In all walks of life there has to be winners and losers, this is true also in politics. So who made out like Bandits and who are walking away with the consolation prizes?

Politician of the Campaign
: 2 weeks in it would have gone to Cleggover, but for his consistency and clarity of message and for being one of the calmest heads in the post election maelstrom, step forward...Michael Gove

Moment of the Campaign : It has to be 'Bigotgate'. Has a moment ever summed up the problem with a party and a particular politician such as this? It might not have had much of a polling impact but it will never be forgotten. If Brown had spoken about my Nan like that he'd have needed a few more people on his close protection team. Poor old Mrs Duffy.

Journalist of the Campaign
: Honourable mentions must go to Andrew Neil and Jeff Randall, the two most feared journalists in Broadcasting who always manage to ask the questions the politicians dread. But my award goes to Adam Boulton for finally cutting through New Labours spin, smears and innuendos and exposing people like Bad Al Campbell and Ben Bradshaw for being mendacious bastards.

News Channel of the Campaign : While I enjoyed election night in HD, I'm going to have to plump for GUY NEWS! In what was supposed to be the internet election, this was one of the few net highlights.

Blogger of the Campaign
: I have to give it to Guido. He might be mainstream but he still manages to be the most underground blogger around with impeccable sources throughout the whole political sphere. His comment pages tend to make '2 Girls/1 Cup' seem civilised at times but it's his own posts that make him the first blog to load up when you log on every day.

Top Totty of the Campaign : This one was easy. That wee Scottish pixie, Laura Kuennsberg. A winning combination of an accent that makes Uncle Bob go weak at the knees and a very dirty smile (as well as being one of the best 'on the ground' reporters at the moment) means that there's a space for her on (or over!) my knee.

The Big Winners - Obviously Dave Cameron gets a look in, finally achieving what few of us dared to hope for tonight, but my winner is You...and me, helll, the whole country! The Gorgon's gone...finally!

The Big Loser I could have picked Brown, Labour, Blinky's leadership ambitions but instead I've opted for a man who thought he could control everything but turns out he couldn't spin a top anymore...the Dark Lord himself, Baron Mandleson of Foy and Hartlepool, First secretary of state, Business and University Secretary, Spinner Excselsior. His plans are in tatters and he can bother our country no more. Rejoice!

Any minute now!!!!

It looks like Labour's resolve is crumbling, first Kate Hoey adding to the growing list of labour figures and now John Pienaar claiming No 10 is giving up the ghost. Pop those corks people, it's happening!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Boris, I've already voted mate.

Nice to see Boris is sending me friendly emails as well as Dave, Eric and George. You can tell he's wrote it himself as well...evoking the memories of Churchill and shoring troop morale ahead of D-Day. But there was really no need, I voted for my local conservative candidate at 10 o'clock this morning. Still, if you're reading this and haven't then bloody well do so.

The only thing I want to see Gordon Brown in charge of tomorrow is farmy farm...and that'll probably end up in an Orwellian coup!

A quick hark back to Labour's halcyon days

This may very well be my favourite piece of journalism in history. The more I read it the better it gets. Ladies and gentlemen...Sion Simon!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


This is usually the point where most bloggers like me will tell you to go out and vote for whichever party they follow tomorrow. I'm just asking that you place a vote for whoever you want, because if you don't you forfeit the right to piss and moan about the government you end up with...

...though if people are still seriously considering voting Labour I think there are good grounds to have them sectioned! Me, I'm voting Tory. As I live in the Rhondda it won't make a blind bit of difference but I can't bring myself to vote for the trots, their welsh language version or the limp dems. UKIP? While I agree with the out of Europe bit I could never bring myself to vote for someone whose first name is Taffy.

I'm still hoping that alongside the blessed castration of Balls (Ed that is!), he will be joined by Chris Huhne and his perfectly pressed trousers.

In fact I'd like to see total Labour annihilation, save Frank Field. Still when we cut the Unions off from the public teat I'm sure Labour will soon go belly-up.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Reality Check

Reality check, people. If you vote for the libdems on the basis of Clegg-over being able to string more than two sentences together you're going to be in for a big surprise. You see, the libdems have policies...barmy Not sending burglars, thugs convicted of GBH, etc. to prison if their sentences are under 6 months. Giving prisoners the right to vote. Joining the Euro (and turning into an even larger version of Greece). An amnesty on illegal immigrants. Mansion Tax. Dropping Trident...

...I could go on, but instead I think I'll give you the most important reason not to vote for the libdems. Vote Yellow, get Brown. Quite simple. If you want the most atrocious prime minister in our history to remain in Downing Street then crack on! If not...put the socks and sandals away, shave that beard and replace that organic fairtrade mungbean salad with a nice thick, bloody steak. Be a man (or woman) not a mouse.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The most predictable 90 minutes of my life...

Clegg gets an exposure boost, comes out reasonably but overdoes the 'plague on both your houses' schtick.

Score: 6/10

Brown, in the words of one 'pber' coming across as, and I quote, 'an overweight camp vampire!' He's too busy trying to lay pointless elephant traps which Cameron is completely ignoring. 2/10 (Because at least he did that funny, smiley, bouncing on his feet thing from the Youtube video)

Cameron came across as reasonable, assured and set out what he wanted to do. He didn't get as much airtime as the others (And ITV need to answer why that was) but he got his points across best in a manner the public would understand. 7/10

It was always going to end up like this. If you're a died in the wool labour voter you've got to fear for the next two debates.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Thanks Postie!

Well, my polling card arrived today so I'm all set for the 6th, don't think my vote will help overturn a 16,000 majority but it'd be nice to see a decent tory showing in the Rhondda for once. I can't really be bothered to try tactical voting as Labour and Plaid are two cheeks of the same arse and they'd only form a coalition with the red rabble if it came down to it anyway.

Oh, and got my niknaks and tizer in for the debate on Thursday....I don't think I'll be satisfied unless it ends with Brown on his knees pounding the floor with impotent rage screaming 'You're're all wrong!'.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Wake me up in a month one of the campaign and I'm bored already. Can't we just vote and be done with it!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Great moments in modern history

The four minute mile
Breaking the sound barrier
Man's first steps on the Moon
The first league, eoropean cup and FA cup treble

Everyone remembers these magical milestones in man's progress. Well now there is another name to be added to the pantheon alongside luminaries like Bannister, Yeager, Armstrong and Man United. Tony Baldry MP(Con, Banbury) today acheived the unthinkable, nay....the impossible. For the first time at PMQ's Gordon Brown actually answered a question from an opposition MP. And in an even more astonishing act, he got him to admit he was wrong.

Mr Baldry, take a bow son...take a bow.

The moral of today's story is to buy a serious amount of shares in Nokia. Boy, I would hate to be a No.10 Spad right now!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I'm Spartacus!

If you're not already aware read this over at Tory Politico. Some jokers in America are trying to force the site to change it's name, fortunately ToryPolitico is not going down without a fight. And as a gesture of solidarity I've changed the name of this blog, maybe temporarily...maybe permanently. I think it'd be nice if more bloggers did the same and really give the septic lawyers a conniption fit.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

A little Saturday silliness

No pearls of wisdom from me this post, except to recommend that you read this blogpost from Toby Young, who is one of only two people I can be bothered to read in the Telegraph these days alongside Benedict Brogan (Hannan's a little too much of a zealot for my tastes these days, I mean, I like tea as much as anyone...I'm fuelled by the stuff...but I'm not going to throw a party about it!). Young's post is the tale of a young man cruelly spurned and literally made me laugh so much I accidentally spat a half-masticated mouthful of cornflakes over my laptop. The question is...who were the two ministers?

Friday, 5 March 2010

Let's just kill the rich!

Martin Luther King once famously said 'I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character '.

Labour cares less about the contents of their character and more about the contents of their current account. Do they really want to dig up party political donors? It's a very large can of worms where Labour is concerned.

And I don't see why they haven't let this story go, Ashcroft hasn't actually broken any law, has he? The Bastard! I do expect something to pop up in the budget regarding non-doms now which is ironic since the Tories are actually fully supportive of that.

Now, who's going to dig into the quagmire that is the Labour party's funding?

Monday, 1 March 2010

Beeb bias....not even hiding it any more

Just saw 'Toenails' Robinson on the news...and 'on-message'. A report covered with innacuracies and glossing over the fact that Ashcroft's donations currently account for less than 2% of conservative funding or the labour non-doms who barely got a namecheck even though they (unlike Ashcroft) have directly benefitted after giving their party a donation. And no mentuion of the fact that Brown declined Cameron's offer to rush through a law forcing any sitting member of either chamber in parliament to pay full UK tax on their earnings...but then again, Brown's donors wouldn't like that. Ashcroft to his credit backs Cameron's plan and has said he'll abide by it.

And don't get me started on that hypocritical prick Alan Johnson. Happy to take the union shilling but won't even allow union members a political opt-out. (I very much doubt if even 50% of union members are labour supporters these days). Why should their money go towards a party they don't even support?


Add Jack Straw to the list. The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming!


Michael Gove turning the tables on Newsnight...just beautiful! Kisty Wark squirming!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Monday, 22 February 2010

Bookies know best

So the Tories have slipped to 37% in the latest ICM poll. I guess that means I can get some juicy odds on them getting a majority now then...doesn't it...won't it...hmmm...maybe the bookies (officially the craftiest species of mammal on earth) are trying to tell the panicking masses of something. I'm sure the Yougov daily tracker will be interesting over the next couple of days, now that the country's had 'a chance to see the real Gordon', that is.

Bonkers Brown Update

The shares of Nokia are on the rise this week indicating the truth in Rawnsley's bullying claims and with the election fast approaching Uncle Bob has this one marked as a buy alongside Gold over the next six months!

YouGov Daily Tracker Update

2% Gap? People, if you believe that you'll believe anything. Maybe it's just a ruse to get Gordon to go early. I'm putting £50 on a Tory majority now as I know these figures are being fiddled. All it's going to do is make the Tory voters even more certain to turn out. If things are so rosy in the garden why are Labour MP's still dropping like flies in the marginals?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Permit issued for ships sailing to the Falklands

President Kirchner of Argentina has decreed that all ship sailing in their territorial waters require a permit issued from the Argentinian authorities. I could harp on about how this contravenes international maritime law but I won't bother. Just show your permit. It looks like this :-

Should this fail to satisfy the Argentinian authority then please request for a mediator to resolve the dispute. They are easily identifiable and look like this :-

and may be seen carrying translation tools like this so that the argentineans can understand the mediators position clearly:-

Now our military may be underfunded, we may have a massive number of troops committed to Afghanistan, but if Argentina thinks it can win a military conflict with the UK then by all means, let them try. We might not be in the best shape now but we're still a nation to be feared militarily and have an unequalled record of combat globally. It wasn't so long ago this little island ruled 80% of the world population and it'll take more than a jumped up posse of latin american chancers to claim our territory.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Who you calling Banker?

Facebook. Shite.

I got a facebook offer from a friend to 'become a fan of the Robin Hood tax'. I should have stopped myself, I shouldn't have gone on the page...I went on the page.

What a load of marxist bullshit. I'm afraid I felt compelled to post on the wall (I had to become a fan first though...not that I wished to) and engage some of the blathering idiots in debate (A concept so alien to most of them they went into shock) not that it was a very productive discussion. It'd be easier trying to reason with the Watermelons armed with a full version of the 'hockey stick' graph than actually have a sensible discussion with these cretins. I posted a link to an interesting page on conservativehome about the reasons the tobin tax (To give it it's proper, non-oxymoronic name) was not a sane or credible idea. That was like showing a red (or should that be blue) rag to a rather stupid socialist bull. Suddenly, I was outed as a banker...because all tories are bankers, I had a vested interest (Damn skippy! I don't want the economy to go down the fucking tubes!) and I was a greedy capitalist pig. Maybe I shouldn't have envoked Thatcher as that only seemed to enrage their feeble little minds more. Expect to see the smelly, unwashed little trots marching with their banners around the square mile on May Day.

Kettling's too bloody good for the ungrateful scrotes! Still, Me, Dave and George and all our banker friends will have the last laugh when we reinstitute Debtors prisons and lock the buggers away in a Lord Ashcroft sponsored prison ship (Tax-deductible, naturally!) Rah-rah-rah! We're going to smash the oiks!

Still, hope my braindead friend doesn't read all the ruckus I created. She's far too attractive to get on the wrong side of...

Monday, 8 February 2010

A thought on Newsnight...

After watching Newsnight tonight, a thought occurred to me. Ben Bradshaw is one of the most repugnant members of the PLP, in the true spirit of Brown and Balls (I'm sure there's a joke in that somewhere) he is prepared to do and say anything in his desperation to cling to power. So yes, repugnany he certainly is...that leaves Chris Hulne. He's one of the dumbest members of parliament. He's an attack dog alright...too bad he'll end up bighting his own tail.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Another Cameron Poster

These are becoming almost as ubiquitous on blogs as the 'Downfall' spoofs.

Get in, Eric!

Shamelessly nicked this from Old Holborn, apparently Eric Pickles has sent a letter to the Prime Minister regarding one of his famous 'brownies', this one in particular about his secret slush fund with records kept in an exercise book. Over to our chum Eric :-

The Prime Minister

10, Downing Street
London, SW1A 2AA

3 February 2010

Dear Mr Brown,

At Prime Minister’s Questions today, you told the House of Commons that you knew nothing about the secret fund, worth a reported £50,000, which was held by the Labour Party for your benefit. When asked why you did not declare this on the Register of Members’ Financial Interests (RMFI), you said specifically: ‘I know nothing about what he [the questioner] is talking about.’

This simply cannot be true.

It is clear from Peter Watt, the Labour Party’s former General Secretary, that you were the beneficiary of a secret fund held by the Labour Party. He has said explicitly:

‘Before becoming Prime Minister, Gordon went to some lengths to insulate himself and the Treasury from our financial troubles, setting up his own personal pot of cash at party HQ. This was money we could not dip into, since it was set aside for the Chancellor’s own pet projects. Murray Elder helped secure donations from the Chancellor’s supporters’ (Inside Out, January 2010, page 105).

He went on to claim that it may have been used to finance your ‘long-term campaign to become party leader’ (Inside Out, Peter Watt, 2010, page 105).

Mr Watt’s assertions were widely reported. Indeed, across several pages in the Mail on Sunday, Mr Watt claimed that you used ‘up to £50,000-a-year of Labour money to pay for private polling’ (Mail on Sunday, 17 January 2010).

The allegations were explicitly confirmed as truthful by a Labour official who said in the same article: ‘It [the fund] was funded through donations to the Party.’

In the light of these allegations, my colleague, Greg Hands MP, wrote to you more than two weeks ago, on 17 January, to query why you had failed to declare the fund properly the Register of Members’ Financial Interests. This letter was publicised in several newspapers on 18 January.

As you did not respond, Greg Hands submitted a complaint to John Lyon, the Parliamentary Commissioner this week. I attach a copy of this complaint for your reference. Again, this complaint was reported.

Yesterday in a speech titled ‘Transforming Politics’, you said that you would ‘do all that is necessary to restore trust’ in politics and the conduct of MPs. If you wish to restore trust in politics, you should stop treating people like fools by claiming that you were unaware of this fund when all the evidence points to the contrary. I therefore urge you to admit to this fund’s existence, apologise for misleading the House and co-operate with any inquiries that John Lyon may wish to make.

Yours sincerely,

Eric Pickles
Chairman, The Conservative Party
Member of Parliament for Brentwood and Ongar


Liam Fox has just issued a press release, apparently the slushfund 'brownie' wasn't the only instance of him misleading Parliament during PMQ's (No shit, sherlock). When he droned on (and on...and on) about the Tories planning to cut the defense budget by £1.5 billion in the 2005 GE manifesto, it actually turns out they made a pledge to increase spending on frontline defense spending (You know, the ones who have been shot at constantly and are not equipped to their requirements) by £2.7 billion.

The question is will 'Smeagol' the Squeaker of the house call him to make an apology to the house before the next PMQ's? Don't hold your breath.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Two can play at that game!

The leftwing zealots' obsession with the Cameron poster has even outweighed my Keeley Hawes fixation (Mmn....yes Bolly!) but enough's enough. It's my turn commies!

And yes, this is clear evidence I've spent too much time lurking on political

Sunday, 10 January 2010

There's no debate over who would win the debates.

I've just watched Cameron's interview on the Andrew Marr show and the stark contrast between the Leaders is blatant. Marr tried to be stronger than he was against Brown and was repeatedly looking to catch Cameron out but got nothing. But not through a lack of answering. 'Dave' answered each question directly and supplemented each answer with the reasoning behind it. The things I most took from the interview was

* No unfunded tax-breaks (And with the economy in this state, that's understandable)
* Cutting government spending should not affect Private Sector growth (Another Brown lie nailed)
* Ashcroft. Cameron wants every MP and peer to be legally required to pay tax in the UK. If the government wats to do this, he will assist them in rushing it through parliament. If they don't, the conservatives will after the GE. He's told Ashcroft. Ashcroft happy to agree. Cameron's killed this one stone dead. (Wish someone at CCHQ had done it sooner though!)
* He does want to reduce the defecit faster than Labours 1/2 in 4 years)
* Small businesses and entrepeneurs to be given a boost through a slashing of beauraucratic redtape that hampers them from starting up quickly.
* Europe. He wants to reclaim back some powers from Brussels. If they want to fight over it, they'll get one.
* Immigration. A real cap on immigration levels each year based on the country's requirements.
* Airbrushgate. Mrs Cameron wants a refund!

How anyone in the Labour Party thinks Gordon is going to out-debate him is beyond me. Brown won't be able to rely on parliamentary procedure and Smeagol's acquiescence there. Cameron will nail his lies and if Clegg has any sense so will he.
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Tennant.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Labour wars : The Rebels Strike Back!

Is it going to happen...or is it going to be another pricktease. Just get on with it FFS!


It's petered out, though strangely many of the cabinet took their time in drafting the weakest messages of support in the history of the English language.

And 'Toenails' Robinson has really put the cat amongst the pigeons by naming the six cabinet ministers prepared to walk 'in the right circumstances'. This story now ha legs. Was Robinson's nose put out of joint by the blogosphere catching him with his pants down again and decided to justify his status? His BBC masters will not be amused. The rest of us are delighted though!