Monday, 28 December 2009

Class war: What is it good for?

So it,s official, Labour are not going to engage in class warfare...erm, someone may want to explain what that means to Brown, Balls and Johnson. I hope they do go for it in the election campaign. It'll be delicious watching it backfire!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Climatechange : The last post

The climate certainly has changed bloody freezing. But I suppose all this snow and ice is an effect of globalwarming. I bet all the 'watermelons' have turned the central heating up a notch...the bloody hypocrites.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Here's one sensible proposal on climate change

Let's have a full and transparent public enquiry on anthropogenic global warming (or the lack thereof) before the United Kingdom commits any more funding or resources to stopping it. Simple, straightforward and if the watermelons are so certain their science is sound they have nothing to lose but everything to gain. It's a genius idea...which unsurprisingly means I didn't come up with it. If you think that sounds fair (And I'm sure the 'deniers' and skeptics are more than happy to have their assertions scrutinised in the public domain) then sign this petition. I know it won't get anywhere, that Brown will just produce a mealy-mouthed reply like when we told him to piss off but it'll let the politicians know that the public are not in the mood for this bullshit any longer.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Congratulations to an inspirational figure

Hearty congratulations to Ryan Giggs on winning the BBC sports personality of the year award. It's not surprising though. In a sport where rivalry between fans often gets the better of them it's rare to find a player that is loved universally, not just by his own fans but by his opponents as well. And it's nice to see that after all he's won in his glittering career that he was still humbled when receiving the award. Only a knighthood (and a few more leagues and European cups!) to go. Yoga bonito Giggsy!

The planet earth and it's climate

I was not familiar with Lord Monkton before I saw this clip on The very excellent 'Plato says' but did enjoy it quite thoroughly. I did feel sorry for the poor woman though, she looked crestfallen as the AGW crutch she'd constructed in her mind crumbled before her.

Plato's had a number of excellent posts on all the copenhagen crap over the last couple of days. Here's the infamous hockey stick graph put into historical context too. I doff my cap to her excellent information gathering skills.

Labour prepares for snap election with new poster.

A picture speaks a thousand words...

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Flying Pigs.

I'm shocked, you're shocked, he was probably shocked himself when he did it.

Tony Blair (A man with a genetic resistance to pentathol and all other 'truth' drugs) HAS TOLD THE TRUTH! Shocking, isn't it...I'm going to lie down in a darkened room.

PS. Hell has now frozen over.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Slowly turning ever more skeptic

I 'vehemently' think Nick Cohen was talking out of his arse about climate change tonight.

Portillo was right on the money and Brillo clearly can't wait for warming to begin so that he can work on his winter tan.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A quick one before beddy byes

God the Irish are annoying. With their craic, false bonhomie and belief that they are somehow the most entertaining nation on the planet (Which is there is nothing funnier than watching a frenchman throw an arm-waving hissy fit!) and all the other smug bullshit that comes with the territory.

For the record, your food is basically British food with added blandness and none of the spice we've inherited from our empire days, your accent is indecipherable at times, your women, though striking me with a deep and unholy lust are far too frigid (and always seem to have a big brother hanging around to ward off cads like myself!) and don't even get me started on riverdance, rebel songs, Bono (Ireland have only produced 3 great bands...and he isn't in one of them!), pub violinists and overpriced stout.

But what's this, taking steps to deal with their defecit, cutting public spending by 7% after seeing a 7.5% decline in their GDP? What's the bet they'll recover far quicker than us as well....smug bastards!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Blanchflower: Rogered senseless!

Quite enjoyable on Newsnight, David Blanchflower has been taken roughly over a barrel by Nigel Lawson and Gerry Robinson. Would I rather take the opinion of a professor who deals in theories on economics or a man who managed the nation's economy and another man who has been a success in business.

Thoseb who can, do.... those who can't, teach.

No wonder Mervyn King was glad to be shot of him.

The public sector propping up our GDP figures is a false economy. Only private sector growth will avert us from disaster. That's why the Tory aim to reduce corporation tax significantly is a smart tax cut as it'll add businesses seeking to move here, create more jobs, reduce the Social Security budget, all for a negligible fall in tax revenue. I think we've tested the merits of tax and spend socialism to it's limits. It's time for a smarter approach.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

A sunday morning surprise

Well there was me thinking the only good thing I'd sse on the Andre Marr show was Ray Davies singing Waterloo Sunset. Well, thankfully George Osborne popped up with a brucey bonus. Not that he introduced an exciting new policy or came up with any pithy soundbites.

No, it was a serious interview, not downbeat, but filled with a healthy dollop of commmon sense.

I'm watching the start of Darling's interview. Expect plenty of bombastic bullshit about how Labour will put our country on top.