Sunday, 31 May 2009

McBride didn't work alone

I've noticed the Mail on Sunday's frontpage, desperately trying to add Cameron to the troughers hall of shame.

The gist of it is :-

Cameron's main residence is in London and has always been his main home since well before he came to parliament.

He claims the ACA for his constituency home in Chipping Norton (As this is what the 2nd homes allowance was created for, no wrongdoing here)

Just because Cameron and his wife are well off doesn't mean they should be expected to fork out for the constituency home. Cameron in fact did place £300,000 of his own money in capital against the property and a further £100,000 which reduced the cost of the interest payments. The main crux of the story seems to be Cameron is a millionaire, he shouldn't claim for this, yah yah, old etonian toff, etc.

This has the whiff of number 10 all over it. It must be hurting them so badly that he's come out of the expenses affair squeaky clean with his reputation enhanced, unlike Brown who has serious questions to answer even if the mainstream media seem content to gloss over his own playing of the system.

Paul Dacre's tongue must be lodged so far up Gordo's back passage I'm surprised there's any room left for Ed Balls.

PS. 3 posts in a day, I must be going barmy.

For those of us interested in the elections taking place next week, Iain Dale is presenting an election special with Hopi Sen on playradiouk. Listen in and get involved.

If he didn't laugh he'd cry

Been a bit of a gap since the last blog because truth be told, this expenses fiasco was boring me to tears. Martin went, which was inevitable, and many MP's are standing down at the next election.

What was exciting was the new ICM poll. It would be shocking enough that Labour were on 22% (How's that core vote holding up, Gordon?) but to 3 points behind the liberals is astonishing. Add that to the fact that the tories are hovering around the 20 point gap between them and labour and this all means great news for Nokia shareholders.

The UKIP figures are curious, only 10% when they got 19% in the poplous poll from the day before. Is Cameron's firming on his euroskeptic position denting UKIP?

Monday, 18 May 2009

Speaker Martin and the SpaceHoppers

Fair play to Michael Martin, he must have a pair of bollocks the size of on earth did he think that performance today would calm things down, he's just poured petrol on the fire. I give him 2 weeks tops.

Cameron launched the tory campaign for the European election and I have to say, he is looking more prime ministerial by the day. No longer the heir to Blair he is proving to be the most savvy politician I have seen for some time even better than His Tonyness himself. Called for an immediate election, though since Brown will need to be dragged kicking and screaming to the queen for that conversation I pray that our monarch would take pity on her humble subjects and dissolve this parliament forthwith. She has the power to do this, even though she has not wielded it before but on behalf of a despairing nation...have mercy on us Ma'am.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Don't mess with Lumley

If I was Gordon Brown or Phil Woolas I would cower at the mere mention of her name. Now it's time for them to do what She, the public and Parliament have demanded and give justice to the Gurkhas.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Defcon II

Well, not the best week for the ailing prime minister. He lost the Gurkha vote, chickened out of his controversial 'per diem' expenses idea and now the Labour Party seems to have seen the light as there are rumblings of MP's preparing to oust him. I am enjoying my Sunday Papers today, though I thought that bloodsports had been made illegal...Gordon's like a cornered fox right now. What goes around, comes around.