Tuesday, 9 June 2009

ComRes poll shows Labour would perform better if they changed Leader

The figures indicate the scores if each individual here were made leader of the Labour party.

Alan Johnson
CON 36 LAB 26 LD 19

Jack Straw
CON 36 LAB 25 LD 19

David Miliband
CON 37 LAB 25 LD 19

Ed Balls
CON 37 LAB 23 LD 20

John Cruddas
CON 36 LAB 22 LD 21

Gordon Brown
CON 38 LAB 22 LD 20

Harriet Harman
CON 38 LAB 22 LD 20

James Purnell
CON 38 LAB 21 LD 21

Looks like the inverterbrates made a bad call yesterday. But couldn't the Indy have got these fugures out earlier? It would certainly have put the cat amongst the pigeons at that PLP obedience rally yesterday.

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