Friday, 19 June 2009

More 'brownies' from Gordon

Does anyone remember the question at PMQ's this week.

Q: Has the government been receiving informal briefings from Damien McBride?

A: 'I' have not.

What on earth has the presbyterian church been doing? Are these moral values you would want your children to follow? Article here.

I know it's not Damien McPoison, but it's a glimpse at his near 'whisky-soaked' future. I do hope Labour Party MP's are taking note of what their cowardice has allowed to remain.


  1. No need to say that that's not actually McBride because the choice of picture is a superbly balanced dig at him otherwise.

    McBride as a booze-addled old pisstank - what's not to like =)

  2. The only difference being the bloke in the picture (Mario Batali) is actually pleasant and well liked.

  3. Aargh, then apologies are in order to Mr Batali. Not someone that I would have (or did) recognise.

    Thanks Uncle Bob.