Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The fat lady is clearing her throat

Everyone can remember these sort of days, ones that have been a right shitter. Gordon Brown's had quite a few in the last two years but never one quite as bad as this. Now even the Guardian, the thinking labour supporters paper of choice (A slight oxymoron there!) is calling for his head and two days before the European and Local elections too. I'd almost feel sorry for the poor desperate bastard....if only he hadn't brought it on himself. Changing leader won't save the general election for Gordon but it might mean Cameron and the Tories have some form of opposition. A lot of the problems of the last 12 years was because the government was able to wield power too easily, as much as I want a Tory government at present I don't want a party so drunk on power that all it cares about is the power itself.

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