Monday, 1 June 2009

The People's Politician

No real political point to this post, just a massive doff of the cap to the irreverant genius that is Boris Johnson. Why use a few words to call Simon Heffer a big girls blouse...when several hundred would do it so much more eloquently.

Read this column and appreciate.

When Boris eventually steps back from politics there is little doubt he will become a chatshow fixture and a raconteur to rival the great Peter Ustinov. I admire David cameron greatly but what I wouldn't have given to have Boris just once question Gordon Brown at the despatch box. I'm sure Gordon's head would have possibly exploded trying to unravel a pithy putdown delivered in a mix of English, Greek and Latin. Once his time as Mayor of London is up can't we persuade him to relocate to the principality? First Minister Boris Johnson has a nice ring to it...and the people here would certainly pay more attention to the dross (sorry, meant debate) than we presently do here in Wales.

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