Thursday, 4 June 2009

Time to go, PM

Just saw the post on Ian Dale's blog about the meeting between John Reid and Gordon Brown. El Gordo asked him to be Home Secretary, John Reid asked him to resign. When the big beasts on the back benches start conflagrating in defiance, it'll only take a cabinet minister or two to put the final nail in the coffin. Step forward messrs Purnell and Miliband (Dave that is, not loyalist Ed). These two both want to be party leaders in the future. Now is the time to show a bit of moral courage and leadership. Let Johnson lose the next election and prepare to take over for the following one. All you've got to do is speak up.

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  1. Purnell resigns. Hear Frank Dobson make an utter fool of himself live on air

    See if you can listen again (the link is in my post) to Iain Dale showing up Dobson for the twit he is.