Saturday, 22 May 2010

Cheer up lads...Gordon's gone!

There's just no pleasing some people. Brown has been removed, Cameron's in number 10, the Tories have gained almost 100 seats in the GE, the coalition actually seems to be working well, the libdem chief Treasury secretary isn't so much dipping his hands in the blood of cuts as positively bathing in it, Cameron's told Merkel and Sarkozy we won't bail out the Euro and we won't give them any further powers...and yet still the right isn't happy.

What is their problem? The likes of Fraser Nelson, Tim Montgomerie et al are acting as if Dave has ordered the sacrifice of their first born. You do understand that this coalition being a success makes it more likely that you'll get a majority next time around. So he cut the balls off the 1922 committee? Good, it has caused nothing but trouble for Tory PM's for decades. Did he have to do it? Yes, or face a David Davis inspired coup in about 2 years.

And remember this, for all the mistakes made during the GE campaign, Cameron and Osborne have made you electable again. No longer is the term 'Tory' a dirty word in vast swathes of the country (Scotland excluded). They've even made you a popular second party in Wales (And I expect to see some big gains at the next assembly election).

So, once and for all, grow up and get on with the business of running the country...or join bloody UKIP if you must. Cameron is your biggest political asset. If you want to throw him under the bus be prepared for the consequences.


  1. Well, I hear you Rob, especially the parts about Nelson and Montgomerie (who, I suspect, have personal axes to grind of one sort or another) - and I admit to being a little worn out when I posted my own little gripe last Thursday - but Europe, backbenchers or, indeed, this unholy coalition with the sandal-wearers aren't the issues for me. The only issue is the economy. Things have to move fast to save it.

    I can only think that all these posturings and realignments by Cameron are part of the plan to get the Libdums boxed in enough so that Osborne and co. can act with decisive freedom on June 22nd. If so, then more power to him. He's way smarter than I thought.

    If not, then we are in trouble.

    Incidentally, Gordon who?

  2. I think the Libdems are fully signed up on the economy, in fact Laws like Chief Sec may turn out to be a masterstroke. I can see why Osborne wanted him to defect previously. He's fully committed to cutting early now and £6 billion is bugger all to find. Plus the fact that the hole is £11 billion shallower than we thought makes the job a touch easier. Stay positive, even people like Redwood and Hannan seem happy. The only MP's the media can get to grumble is Bill Cash who's turned into the Tory answer to Stephen Pound and a few friends of Davis briefing against Cameron because their man didn't get given a cabinet job.