Sunday, 30 May 2010

What's the agenda?

Not content with wrecking David Laws life (and at who's behest, I wonder?) the Telegraph has turned it's attention on his replacement, Dannyb Alexander and is accusing him of fiddling Capital Gains Tax...except it now transpires that he hasn't and all was above board. Just who is pulling the strings here?

Now personally, if I was Alexander I would be sorely tempted to see the Telegraph get rogered by Carter-Fuck...but that's just me, a vindictive bastard.


  1. Guess we'll have to disagree on this one, UB cos I don't think there's any conspiracy involved here - of any kind. This is just a newspaper doing its job.

    Just my opinion, like. (And I am a bit pissed, actually ;)

  2. I think Campbell's up to his neck in it, Uncle Bob - the planned ambush on Thursday night's Question Time was foiled by Laws' non-appearance on the programme but the Telegraph already had the story all ready to go on Friday - all they would need to have done was remove any references to Question Time, and now, as you say, their attention has turned to Danny Alexander. The Telegraph have had all the expenses information for a year - this reeks of Campbell and Mandelstink!