Saturday, 15 May 2010

A quick suggestion... all rightwing MP's, Lords, Journos, etc.

When the BBC come calling asking you to appear on Newsnight, Any Questions, et al to discuss the Con-Lib coalition, pretend that you're against it, that it'll split the party, that it won't stop you eating babies, etc. In short, bluff the arse off them, then when you appear on said program you can happily state that it's not that big of a deal, was the only sensible option for the country and that you had to use the ruse of discontent as the state broadcaster has been deliberately trying to shape this story and rubbish the coalition. Sadly Hannan's let the cat out of the bag so he won't be called but hopefully Redwood, Howard and other prominent figures on the right will do and prevent the auntie's little trots from playing silly buggers with the facts.

Let's not be finks for 'the man' and beat the scumbags at their own game.

Peace and Fucking,
Uncle Bob!

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