Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Welsh language zealots are going to wreck the welsh economy

I've never been a fan of the Welsh language agenda in politics on this side of Offa's Dyke. It's never made sense. Though  statistics may identify nearly 20% of the population as Welsh speakers I'd wager less than 10% do on a daily basis. The hours wasted at school on Welsh would be far better served on other subjects so that we could halt the academic slide of our schools and the millions of pounds wasted in the public sector on welsh speaking staff and twice as much paper and ink as necessary for any communications is silly. I'd rather they spent that money making the Severn Bridge toll free....that'd do far more to transform the welsh economy than anything the Assembly has done in 13 years.

But now, this stupid and damaging legislation is beginning to affect the private sector...and it'll hit us all in the pocket. Because of the cost in implementing this absurd bilingual legislation, the German energy giant E.on is considering withdrawing from the energy market in Wales (Hat-tip 'thoughts of justice'). And less competition in Wales for energy means our prices will go ou, rellative to England. In fact, they're going to go up regardless as the cost of complying with this stupid regulation will be passed on to the customer...not just in energy but with all private enterprises.

Why? Every single welsh speaker in the country can speak english. In this day and age when we need to maximise our thriftiness and when attracting business here is most crucial why are we wasting money on a language which is not being used. English is the global lingua franca, being an english speaking country is an advantage. Why try and ressurrect this dead language, leave it for the academics and the small parts of North and West Wales where it's actually used. But don't try and force everyone to use it, that's not going to happen and it's counterproductive.

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