Thursday, 20 August 2009

Get our acts together?

I've just spotted a link on Iain Dale's 'Daley Dozen' from welsh conservative blogger asking us welsh anti-socialists (conservatives to you, though I'm more of a temporary fixture in conservative terms. I've decided to go blue, but they'll have to do well to keep me!) to get our act together and be more organised and vocal online. I hope he succeeds in this endeavour and I will try and do my bit, as long as it can be done with a minimum of effort. After all, I am still trying to find gainful employment, study for an OU degree, write a novel and play in a rock band as well, so like the last scraps of flora, I'm spread pretty thin. But come on, if we all do a little bit we can get the present government ousted and deny the dreadful nationalists an enhanced platform. I may even blog on welsh issues occasionally which'll be different because I find the goings on at the assembly as dull as dishwater normally. All the will in the world won't turn my constituency blue though. It's the one seat in Wales which will remain unwinnable for decades. Do the tories even have a candidate in the Rhondda yet? Not that I'm volunteering, I'm a bad loser.


  1. Lol, UB. You would wipe the floor with the socialist oppo. As you're in a rock band, perhaps you should stand as an indie candidate (sorry ;)

    Agree with you, by the way. We should be more vocal in our opposition to these morons who have been in power here for way, way too long.

  2. Nah, trouble is everybody in the Rhondda is either unemployed or works in the public sector. Gordon's client state masterplan has unfortunately succeeded here. It's like Dawn of the Dead and I'm a poor cop stuck in the mall surrounded by trotskyist zombies!