Saturday, 1 August 2009

Tories massively ahead in target seats

I've just spotted on that the tories have built up a massive lead in their 30 top target seats. Here is the figures :-

CON 44: LAB 20: LD 18

That's a 24 point gap. This hasn't come from one of the main pollsters and the fieldwork was over a longer period than normal but this is still a devastating look at Labour's election prospects. Clearly ther is no way they can even remotely hope of a majority come the election. So as Cameron suns himself in the south of France, Brown is being pissed on from the heavens (and the voters). Happy holidays gentlemen!


  1. The other day, when I saw that the Dear Leader was appealing to the British publics Sense Of Fair Play it reminded me somewhat of the seven stages of Acceptance. Where-by, and if I'm not mistaken, he's now currently hovering around about stage three of the process.

    1) Shock and denial
    2) Pain and Guilt
    3) Anger and bargaining
    4) Depression,reflection,Loneliness
    5) The Upward turn
    6) Reconstruction and working through
    7) Acceptance

  2. D&C: I for one would prefer to see him stick at number 4, just before his political career is finally euthenised. But he deserves worse.

  3. ' "The only serious caution for David Cameron comes with a question that forces voters to choose between Labour or the Conservatives: "44 per cent would still prefer a Labour government and 42 per cent a Conservative one. This is despite 72 per cent dissatisfaction with Labour."

    'Tim Montgomerie'

    And up to a year to run from that poll to the General Election.