Saturday, 26 September 2009

And so the funeral begins

Yes folks, the labour conference is to commence this weekend and the stench of death is thick in the air, of course Mandelson, Campbell et al will be doing their utmost to engineer talk of a 'Brown Triumph' in the media when 'He delivers the speech of his life'...again. Charlie 'Walrus' Clarke will be bound and gagged until conference end and all other dissenters will be forcibly ejected from the venue by government stormtroopers...again. Brown will probably announce his decision to agree to a leader debate but Cameron, yet again proving he's 10 steps ahead of Brown has already nullified this moment by calling Brown out on it again this moment. If he declines he's a coward, if he accepts it's because Cameron has dragged him to the debating chamber kicking and screaming. Dithering, a double edged sword. Of course he could always surprise everyone and call an election. But that would require an act of courage, though he should at least know what the word means having written books on the topic.


  1. It could be a very interesting couple of weeks, Uncle Bob. Word has it the hall is half empty for Labour's conference in Brighton and they're scared shitless that they won't be able to fill it - for the TV cameras dontcha know! Anyway they've been bribing the locals with free tickets - here's hoping for a nice block grouping of about 200 protesters complete with banners.....bwahahahaha!!

  2. They'll ship in deluded activists from somewhere, or con some catatonic oap's (They don't want them talking!) on a magical mystery tour to Brighton.