Friday, 18 September 2009

Arrrgh! My neck!

So here it goes.

* 'Labour investment vs Tory cuts'
* 'Lansley just admitted it....'
* 'Mr 10%'
* 'Public spending will increase....because it's the right thing to do.'
* '0% Growth'

All fine and dandy, so I take it Labour are not cutting spending, you wouldn't lie to us, would you Gordon? But wait, just a couple of days ago...

* 'We will have to make some difficult decisions'
* 'Wise spending, not big spending...and we won't enjoy doing it, unlike those baby-eating Tories!'
* 'Alright, I'll bloody say it, we'll have to cut. We don't want to. I watched that credit crunch documentary on the BBC last night and it's all Thatcher's fault really'
* 'Alastair Darling will discuss with Cabinet colleagues on what proposed cuts can be made so that all of them have blood on their hands...'

Screeech! Jesus, they've slammed the brakes on and gone into reverse so quicly I've got whiplash!

'We're doing it so that the Tories will then come under pressure to set out their own plans.'

So it's just more Labour games, bloody typical.


  1. I don't like Gordon Brown. You've just explained very clearly the main reasons why. Nice one.