Thursday, 3 September 2009

Farage vs Bercow

So Nigel Farage has decided to run against Speaker of the house John 'Smeagol' Bercow in his buckingham constituency. This could prove to be the most interesting seat in the entire general election. The three main parties are extremely unlikely to put up a candidate against the speaker, giving UKIP a free run at this. The poison dwarf has a majority of 18000 and this is strong blue territory, plus the office of speaker would usually favour the incumbant but this could become a lot more interesting. Until he was elected Speaker, Bercow had no profile to speak of, he was known in his constituency but that was about it. Farage, on the other hand, has a very large media profile. He's outspoken and gets acres of press considering UKIP's relatively low national standing (Euro elections excluded). The tories in the constituency will be all to aware of Farage, some may have been tempted to vote UKIP anyway, they are in a stronger position than in 2005. Other's may have shared UKIP's views on europe but preferred to stay within the Tory camp. With Bercow's election to speaker this quandry will have dissipated. Bercow has sided up to the Labour party for years and underwent a damascene conversion from being being the dryest of the dry to the wettest Tory in the party, it was even rumoured that he had contemplated crossing the floor (Pressed on by his labour supporting wife, though I can sympathise; if I was nose to tit with my beloved I'd probably be making stupid decisions at her beckoning too but sadly Uncle Bob has yet to find the 7 foot Valkyrie required for such a task!), this has reportedly angered many conservative members in his local assosociation and with the tories not running there is nothing to stop them giving nudge nudge, wink wink support to Farage. He also used this relationship with Labour to get himself the Speaker's chair. He was also as much a trougher as anyone and Farage is bound to bring up expenses and an anti-politician line. The media will big up Farage as it'll generate them headlines and don't forget, as Leader of UKIP he will be a presence on the BBC and Sky anyway, but this will get ramped up even before as he may possibly pull off the biggest election night story of all. Apparently you can get 4/1 at the bookies on him. He isn't certain of overhauling the dwarf but I think the result will be mighty close as UKIP throws a lot of it's resources at this (and don't forget, Bercow can't totally rely on Tory help any more).

It'll certainly be one to watch


  1. I'd stick a monkey on it at those odds (if I had one). Bercow is definitely a "stay off my side, mate" kind of tosser. I wouldn't care if he was beaten by Ghengis Khan (he probably would be).

    The Toroids would be well shot of him. And we'd have the king of the EU bashers in the Mother of Parliaments. Perfect!

    Still laughing my ass off at that picture, btw, UB :D

  2. When he said he was changing the speakers uniform I don't think this was quite what anybody envisaged!