Monday, 28 September 2009

Possible name changing conundrum

Uncle Bob had a job interview today and was subsequently offered said job which I readily agreed to. Now the problem is do I change the name of my blog? Decisions, decisions...

It isn't particularly well paid but it's better than sitting on your arse watching the labour conference. And with this new found employment it got me thinking...the one good thing I remember from the Libdem farce last week was when Saint Cable of Tango, Crashfinder pursuivant, suggested raising the persona tax allowance to £10,000. What I wouldn't give for George O to take it on board. How would he pay for it? Abolish tax credits (I am dreading the myriad of paperwork and chasing I'm going to have to do for this!) and raise the basic rate by a couple of pennies. It is the best idea Cable's had in a long while.


  1. It depends on what your new job is.

    It it's exotic and exciting, change the name!

  2. The View from the low-rent marketing company. Don't know if it'll work.

    And how bloody infuriating are tax credits? Checked the revenue's website and am eligible, in fact potentially could receive a lot. Just fill in a claim form and send it to them. Fine, I'm online, I'll fill it here or download it and print off a pdf. Like bollocks will I. I've got to phone an 0845 number. And then get cut off 6 times when I'm in the queue, then when I ring back the bastards have decided to call it a day 45 minutes early. So now the whole merrygoround has to start tomorrow. Joy. Still, at least I won't have to listen to Brown's speech so thank heavens for small mercies!

  3. Nice one.

    As for the blog name: you're Uncle Bob. Be yourself.

  4. Uncle Bob's home for naughty schoolgirls? (16 and over of course, I don't want to end up on a register!)

    Not a bad job, a nice positive company that seems to find being laid back and easygoing produces better results than harrassing the employees. Personal responsibility, it's the future I tell thee!