Wednesday, 2 September 2009

General Election Debate

Never mind Al-Megrahi, Brown and Milibands position et al. The news that has lit up the blogosphere to day has been this :-

You can sign the petition in support of it HERE.

Sky have formally invited the leaders of our three main political parties to a debate in the run up to the general election.

David Cameron, who realistically would have the most to lose in a debate agreed to take part immediately, but anyone who's seen footage of a CameronDirect event on the net knows why, his ability to answer questions and debate whilst engaging with his audience is currently without equal.

Nick Clegg will almost certainly agree too, he needs the exposure that such a debate would bring as it legitimises him as a choice come election time.

All that leaves is Gordon Brown, that man of courage and deep conscience. He really should agree, his party is in a desperate position, Mandleson already tried to commit him to it in July. But, then again, he does like to shy away from such things. Only this time Sky have said that any of the leaders who refuse to participate will be empty-chaired (I doubt they would take the HIGNFY 'Roy Hattersley/Tub o'lard' line even though it would be amusing). With that, it is almost certainly forcing Brown's hand.

If Macavity does bottle it again, perhaps they could put a picture of him in his place. Something like this would do :-


Cleggy's on board. Just waiting on Macavity now.


Saw an excellent suggestion on from Andrew G about also having some smaller debates on specific policy debates with Ministers and their prospective replacements.

Imagine debates like:-

Osborne vs. Darling vs. Cable
Foreign Policy Hague vs. Miliband vs. Ed Davey
Education Gove vs. Balls vs. Laws
Health Lansley vs. Burnham vs. Lamb
Defence Fox vs. Ainsworth vs. Harvey

Sky might not want to give up so much time for these but there's nothing to stop the BBC running a series of Newsnight or QuestionTime specials, is there? It would be good for the public and at least people would know what people would stand for. People may moan this would exclude other parties but since these are the only three with any hope of forming a government it's just tough tits to everyone else.


  1. so you've gave Borwn a Hitler moustache, How many bnp members are ex tories, several, And Alan Clark M.P admired hitler and all those otires who went to germany and goose steeped illegally making nazi salutes then denied it, kinnock wanted a debate in 92 and Major was agaisnt it because it would have given Kinnock an equal pegging same as cameron now

  2. The photo was for amusement purposes. Gordon and his comedy photo-ops, also illustrates him as another failed national leader. I haven't got a clue how many bnp members used to be tories, I've never been a member of the tory party but will be voting for them at the next election. Though I thought, the minor party that's attracted former conservative voters was UKIP. Bet you think they're a bunch of racists too! But didn't the euro elections show that the BNP was gathering support from disenfranchised working class labour voters? You can't blame the tories for that. It's not their fault these former labour supporters were stupid enough to get suckered in by the BNP's bullshit.

    And Cameron should be the one turning down the chance for a debate but he's relishing it. Brown desperately needs it, and probably represents his one chance of gaining traction in the GE campaign as long as he's got the balls to agree to it.

    Now fuck off troll and go wank yourself silly whilst singing 'the red flag'.

  3. I see what you mean, Bob. Illiterate as well as pitiful.

  4. Typical "Anonymous" Lefty twat with no sense of humour.....or no sense at all! Notice how these weasels never have the courage to leave a name. And before he starts, I know we all write semi-anonymously, ourselves....we have to because of his Trot masters, but at least we ARE contactable, unlike HIM!!

    Now what was I going to say before this fucking troll got in the way?!

    I know! What an absolutely exquisite situation! If Brown doesn't do it...he's fucked and, if Brown does do it...he's fucked!! Oh, JOY!!!