Monday, 14 September 2009

Paxo's back!

Was it the threat of Nick Robinson taking over? Whatever it is, Paxman's got his mojo back over the last two weeks. He's actually being thorough with his questioning rather than just being irrascible from the outset.

He was thorough on all his interviews tonight and did quell the flow of bullshit coming from Bradshaw and Dobson. Thought Lamont came out well (Not being biased, despite his reputation from his time as chancellor he is actually a very good economic thinker) and put his points across in a reasoned way unlike the spurious dribbling of a rabid Frank Dobson who seemed like he'd swallowed a handle of uppers in the green room before the start of the programme.

PS. I love what that mayor of Doncaster is doing. No messing, saving the public's dosh and getting shot of Union pork-barrel positions.

Oh and someone explain to me in layman terms how cutting the public sector is damaging to the economy? Surely the only figure that really matters is growth or contraction in the private sector as that's what generates our wealth and pays the public purse anyway.

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