Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Shoot me now!

This is one hour of my life I can't get back. Click on it at your peril.

Quite liked the idea of putting all the slutty young girls who can't keep their legs shuts in one place...it makes them easier for me to find, Ding Dong!


  1. lol - and as the grrrreat Paul Whitehouse would say:
    Me, the 14th Duke of Wimbumbum, in charge of a borstal for fallen girlies.
    What were they thinking!

    The Sun has refused to shine for Brown, UB (as you no doubt know).

    Let the games begin.

  2. Listening to the union leaders on Newsnight, you'd swear the sun shines out of his arse!

    I doff my cap to them for their timing. Even Mandelson probably admires the way they've wrecked Gordon's big moment.