Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Man promises to tell the truth...then doesn't

It had been hyped up so much...'Gordon's finally going to tell the truth'...'he's going to say the 'C' word, etc. What a bloody letdown.

He basically pulled his pants down, bent over and gave the TUC permission to cornhole him like he was a drunken prostitute (Well, the speech was in Albert Dock so maybe that had something to do with it). Not for Gordon to say 'Sorry folks....I fucked up and now I'm going to fix it. No, far easier to be 'Gordon Brown : Saviour of the World (tm)'.

I'll do a simple fisk of Brown's speech.

*I've saved the world once I'll do it again!
*We took action that might (Fucking MIGHT?) save 500,000 jobs
*The Tories would do nothing
*Tory Cuts, Labour investment
*Because it's the right thing to do
*I'm going to spend a fuckload of money adding another 21,000 public sector apprentices
*And I'm going to put it in the statute books so it will be law
One issue with this is that first he has to get it through both houses of parliament before the general election, that clearly isn't going to happen as his party lost the appetite for a fight ages ago. Secondly, it'll be repealed once Cameron takes the reins, so a futile and expensive gesture which won't actually go anywhere

Thanks for that Gordon, now fuck off. Sheerman get your arse in gear, a desperate nation needs you. Brown in place may be good for the size of the Tory majority but the nation's interests come first. Another labour leader may not be quite as damaging.


  1. He can say pretty much what he likes, he knows he's fucked.

    He could promise me a night alone with Girls Aloud and I still wouldn't vote Labour.

  2. I would, but only if he leaves out the ginger scouser, that's a deal breaker for me. Fortunately, being from the Rhondda it doesn't matter who I vote for, Labour will still have a 10,000+ majority even now. The rest of the country will do the job for me. And I get to make sexy time with 80% of Girls Aloud before finishing off with a great love explosion on Cheryl Coles back! Win!

  3. I liiiike.

    On the Brown swivel thing, perhaps it's time for the Tories to unleash Nigel Lawson...

    Only joking.

    Excellent post, btw.

  4. The only "C" word statement that Brown could make that would be true is "I'm a cunt"!

  5. 4 for me, the pasty redhead for you...fair deal!